Simon Nandhra - Perfectly Imperfect (Out Soon)

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Old 24-Mar-2010
Simon Nandhra - Perfectly Imperfect (Out Soon)

In this day and age when there are so many music producers releasing amateur-like albums on a daily basis it’s refreshing to hear a reputable and talented name such as Simon Nandhra.

After a fairly long wait Simon Nandhra is getting ready to unleash his third official album, ‘Perfectly Imperfect’. Simon has been working hard on the third album and has just recorded two high budget quality videos which will be released internationally.
The album, Perfectly Imperfect which features 15 amazing tracks has some of the most famous names in Bhangra such as Labh Janjua, Master Rakesh, Isherz, Taz, Sardara Gill, Sabar Koti, Master Salim and many more on it.

Simon Nandhra promises this album will have that hardcore bhangra flavour, with a taste for everyone on it. With his previous albums ‘Out of the Box’ and ‘Underestimated’, and then his EP ‘Silent Tears’ having topped the Asian music charts there is no doubt that this long awaited album will once again aim to please when it is released on the infamous Moviebox label.

Simon Nandhra has proved throughout his career that he is a diverse and extremely talented music producer and this album proves that in every way possible as he has a multitude of instruments and melodies featuring on the release.

Perfectly Imperfect will be out for international release this summer, but in the meantime over the coming few weeks fans will be able to see & hear some tasters so keep your ears & eyes pealed and watch this space!

Simon Nandhra Bio

Simon Nandhra was born and bred in Walsall, UK. He was inspired into the music world by his older brother Nirmal Singh, who still today is one of the top live sound engineers in the country. From a very early age Simon showed interests in 2 main instruments. One was the Guitar and the other was the Saxaphone. When Simon was only 8 years old he was unable to find any Saxaphone teachers but was so determined to learn he found a teacher who taught the Clarinet, which he then played till the age of 16. During his teenage years Simon also learned both lead and bass guitar, which to today he still plays. He uses these instruments today in the music he produces as a record producer and music director.

Simon Nandhra began his career following in his brother's footsteps as a live engineer. Working for various known and unkown bands from 1996 he made a firm stand in 2002 with Jassi Sidhu and they worked along ide each other on the live circuit until 2006. During this time Simon also worked with Taz (Stereo Nation), Sukhbir, Sardara S Gill, Tariq Khan (Legacy) and Dalvinder Singh, to name a few. After 2006 Simon decided he no longer wanted to work as a live engineer but wanted to work fully in a studio based environment.

In 2002, while gigging with the infamous Jassi Sidhu, Simon met with record label giants Moviebox. During a conversation Simon was given an opportunity to show his ability in a recording studio, which he took. To his surprise Moviebox were overwhelmed with what Simon had churned out of the studio and offered him a record contract there and then.

Simon Nandhra produced his first album in 2002 which was titled "Out of the Box". This album was produced within 28 days. It featured Meshi Eshara, Master Rakesh, Lember Hussainpuri and Kuldeep Manak. The success of the album led to the instant recognition of Simon Nandhra as a quality Music Producer.

2004 saw the release of Simon Nandhra's second album named "Underestimated". This album featured the super-hits Kanoo Mardan by Humera Arshad and Dil Mangdi by Surjit Anakhi. As well as them the album featured Master Rakesh, Dippa Satrang, Angerz Ali, Lember Hussainpuri and Labh Janjua. This album firmly put Simon's place on the map as a respected producer and not a one hit wonder.

Simon Nandhra's third release was an EP. At this point in Simon's life he felt he wanted to do something which was completely different to anything in the market and to do something no one had ever done before. This was an EP full of sad songs. People did not think this would work and a lot of people did not support him in this, but it came to bring out the best in Simon's ability and was one of the best selling releases in 2006. The EP named "Silent Tears" featured Amrinder Gill, Tariq Khan (Legacy), Master Rakesh, Kuldeep Manak and new comer Sanj V.

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