Neve Campbell's back in Scream 4

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Old 17-Apr-2011
Neve Campbell's back in Scream 4

UNP ImageFor a decade, Neve Campbell has avoided homicidal maniacs who wield butcher knives and wear masks inspired by Edvard Munch. But she could stay away for only so long.

Campbell returns to the world of creepy calls and murderers who appear out of nowhere in Scream 4, the fourth movie in Wes Craven's series of scary and satirical takes on the slasher genre.

Once again she plays Sidney Prescott, the feisty protagonist who will presumably fight off yet another sadistic joker in a Ghostface mask.

We recently chatted with Campbell, 37, about the film; how Jada Pinkett-Smith turned her into a horror fan; and whether she would consider doing a Scream 5. The answer to that last question requires us to post a pseudo-spoiler alert. Consider yourself warned.

Has anybody in real life ever called you and tried to do the ‘Do you like scary movies?' routine, just to play a joke?

No, not really. People keep asking me that. I guess maybe you would assume that that happens, but no, nobody does.

You need more creative friends.

Or maybe my friends are just really nice.

At the risk of sounding like a murderer, do you like scary movies?

I actually do like scary movies. I used to hate scary movies. You know, when I was young I saw The Changeling, with George C. Scott, which I think is the scariest movie ever made. After I saw that, I swore I would never see a horror film again. Then I started making them. And then Jada Pinkett Smith on the second Scream found out that I had never seen any of Wes' films and got really angry with me and made me watch some. So I do enjoy them. They can be good fun. But I'm not one of these people who can watch them by myself. I have to watch them with a group of people.

If the chance to do Scream 5 presented itself, would you consider it?

Well, I can't really talk about that because then that would indicate what happens to me in this film.

Is there a particular role that you get recognised for more often than any others?

It really depends on which fan it is. I get Wild Things a lot. That tends to be a male crowd — I wouldn't know why. [Laughs] And definitely Party of Five and Scream. I also get The Company a lot, which is nice.

If Sidney Prescott and Julia Salinger from Party of Five got into a fight for some reason, who would win?

I would imagine Sidney.

I guess she's got more experience in that regard.

Exactly. She knows how to kick some butt.

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