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Film: Na Ghar Ke Na Ghat Ke
Cast: Om Puri, Paresh Rawal, Rahul Aggarwal, Narayani Shastri, Ravi Kissen
Genre: Comedy
Direction: Rahul Aggarwal
Duration: 2 hours

Story: Rahul Aggarwal, a north Indian, comes to Mumbai from a small village in Uttar Pradesh and begins to live with Ravi Kissen, a local goon who happens to be an archetypal Maratha manoos. Soon, his wife, Narayani Shastri, his father, Om Puri and mother, Nina Gupta also join him in the little tenement room. Total integration or is it war between the culturally and regionally distinct people?

Movie Review: The intentions are noble. Debutant director, Rahul Aggarwal has a point to make. He wants to tell a certain Mr Thackeray that all izz well between the quintessential Mumbaikar and the migrant bhaiyya from UP and Bihar. Left to themselves, they can not only live together, despite their cultural and linguistic differences, but might also end up as buddies and brothers....As in the case of Devki Nandan Tripathi (Rahul Aggarwal) who migrates to Mumbai from a distant village on the borders of UP and Bihar and Madan Khachak (Ravi Kissen), the tapori who wears Mumbai on his sleeve and in his heart.

Devki's trip from his village to Mumbai too does have its moments, most of them being created by dad Om Puri, who pitches in a delightful portrayal as Sankhata Prasad Tripathi, the well-to-do North Indian villager, who lives by tradition and swears by custom. What's more, he carries his wealth in the secret pocket in his chhaddis and unabashedly draws it out from the unapproachable vault, whenever needed. Quite funny, specially when he is joined by Paresh Rawal, the typical Mumbai cop, who can barely understand the strange habits of this strange people from such strange villages. But, beyond the rib-tickling moments provided by these two stalwarts, there's not too much to keep the laughs coming. The second half just peters off into cuckoo land, as Devki's newly-wedded wife, Narayani Shastri, ends up in the lock-up and the entire drama is focussed on how to get her out.

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