Killzone 3 puts up a good fight

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Old 24-Mar-2011
Killzone 3 puts up a good fight

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Genre First Person Shooter
Rating 18+

Killzone 3 is the first game on PS3 that was built from the ground up to take advantage of 3D gaming.

The first thing you notice about the new instalment of the Killzone series is the exceptional graphics. From sneaking through stunning alien jungles to racing on snow tanks through massive ice-capped mountains, all in an inferno of blasting machine guns, the game keeps your heart accelerated throughout the campaigns.

The unrestrained world created by Guerrilla Games for this first-person shooter is a phenomenal experience with gigantic, atmospheric landscapes and ear-splitting sound. Fighting in dilapidated streets and firing sci-fi blasters which explode your enemy into millions of green pieces, is all too satisfying.

Smooth animation and character playability make for a believable experience which feels convincingly like you're manning a .50 calibre heavy- duty machine gun while fighting the biggest monster you will ever see. The new stereoscopic 3-D graphics create a visual feast with shrapnel that seems to fly right out of the screen, while adding an improved sense of perspective when moving through buildings and attacking enemies with brutal melee attacks. Plus the PlayStation gets you off the couch and jumping around like you were back in high school playing cowboys.

The multiplayer mode is out of this world, literally, with beautifully created maps, perfected playability and a non-stop rush of adrenaline that leaves you wanting more. The levelling system is very close to Call of Duty with money-based rewards which you can spend to purchase guns or customise your look within the stages.

PlayStation MOVE, a motion-sensing game controller platform for PS3, comes with all sorts of accessories like the sharpshooter motion rifle, which was tempting for Killzone 3 but in the end proved frustratingly difficult to control the gaming experience.

This could have been a gaming masterpiece but falls short as the story is long- winded and skips through time, leaving you guessing. Your experience is constantly interrupted by Second World War-inspired space Nazis screaming at each other, making it seem to be more of an afterthought, but apart from that Killzone 3 would satisfy any first-person shooter devotee.

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