10 incidents that rocked Bollywood in 2009

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Old 22-Dec-2009
Question 10 incidents that rocked Bollywood in 2009

Bollywood is not just a collaboration of over ratted actors and bad scripted movies… There’s much more masala and hungama behind the scenes and in the media…
Here are the top 10 events/gossips/fights that rocked Bollywood in 2009

1)Let’s begin with Ek-The Power of One.

Some dude decided to spoil his day (and even a few subsequent weeks) when he decided to watch this Bobby Deol starrer. The producers had given a money-back guarantee along with each ticket of the movie. If the movie didn’t entertain you, you get your money back. Our “dude” took this publicity stunt of the makers of Ek-The Power of One a little too seriously and fought…and fought…and fought…till a local newspaper published his story…and fought..and fought…till he got his money back from the producers. The amount, a meagre Rs.55.

2)Protests against the posters of Kurbaan

Apparently, the poster of this Saif-Kareena box office dud was termed “vulgar”… “against Indian culture”… “inappropriate for kids” and… you know the regular 3-4 phrases our politicians have come to terms with over the past few years.
All I understand as a youngster of this country is that even vulgarity lies in the eyes of the beholder, not just beauty. I can only imagine kids in their living rooms laughing out loud because they didn’t find this poster hot enough.

3)Wake Up, Sid found its share of controversy as well. The producer apologised to “the citizens of the city” (read politicians) because the young actors in his film refer to Mumbai as Bombay in his film. “What’s in a name? ”, asked Shakespeare. “Why so serious?”, asked Joker. “I apologise”, said Karan Johar.

4)Salman-SRK dishoom dishoom reports

I shall not elaborate further on this story. I leave you with this photograph and a song dedication from a 1990s box office superhit.
“Yeh bandhan toh pyaar ka bandhan hai…”

5)Ashutosh and the Award Functions

Ashutosh Gowarikar has had a tough year. (That’s what happens to most of Harman Baweja’s producers :P )
First, he had a verbal duel with Sajid Khan at an award function over Sajid’s tasteless sense of humour. At another award function he questioned the jury while receiving the best director award for Jodhaa Akbar. His words were, “ Priyanka Chopra, I love you but I don’t understand how you win the Best Female Actor award when Aishwarya Rai was nominated for her role in Jodhaa Akbar”
I agree with you on both counts, mate but chal na yaar… hota hai. Aamir Khan ko hi pooch lo!

6)Anurag Kashyap allegedly leaks out the pirated copy of his film

Well, I think every director who has been mindf**ked so much by the censor board must resort to such measures. Anurag’s movie Paanch has been withheld by the censors simply because it was made by a bold and then young director who refused to compromise on his storyline. Reminds me of this SRK film. “Oh Darling, Yeh Hai India!”
Whether it was Anurag who leaked it or anyone else, this photograph of Anurag with so many DVDs does remind me of the pirates you find at railway stations yelling out “Audio/Video…30 ka bolo!”

7)Raakhi ka Swayamwar!

Not exactly Bollywood. But this extra from Farah Khan’s Main Hoon Na has come a long way.
All she’s been doing is her own thing and received a lot of flak for it. But never the less she’s never let you forget about her existence.
Kudos Rakhi!*
*Conditions Apply.

8)Multiplex Strike Hai Hai!

Yes, we did feel like we were in Kerala for a while. Ofcourse strikes there last a lot longer.
The multiplex strike not just gave us a summer without films to watch but also reminded us how small is the average cinema goer in the scheme of things of those who make cinema and those who make cinema accessible.

9)SRK detained at the airport

The news broke out on Independence day and SRK was filming for a film on racism called “My Name is Khan”. Publicity gimmick or victimisation?

10)“In the pines, in the pines, where the sun don’t ever shine!”
News broke out that this talented actor had raped his maid.
He denied charges, his wife stood by him. He was denied bail….again and again and again…the issue died down. He was granted bail. Investigations are still on. Shiney has signed a new film. The maid sits quiet. Who was at fault? The maid or Shiney?

Old 22-Dec-2009
Und3rgr0und J4tt1
Re: 10 incidents that rocked Bollywood in 2009

Old 22-Dec-2009
Re: 10 incidents that rocked Bollywood in 2009

^ why sady sady?

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