Today in Sikh History : 15th August

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RegisterRegisterHe was born in 1860 at Sarhali, district Amritsar of the Punjab
RegisterRegisterHe was born in 1888 at Lalton Khurd, District Ludhiana
RegisterRegisterHe was born in 1880 at Baddowal, District Ludhiana
RegisterRegisterHe was born in village Thatian, District Register.
RegisterRegisterBaba Kharak Singh was born in 1868 at Sialkot.
RegisterRegisterSher Singh was born in 1880 at village Wain Poin, District Amritsar.
RegisterRegisterBal Raj Bhalla was born in June, 1888 in Tehsil Wazirabad of Gujranwala District.
RegisterRegisterHe was born in 1901 at village Dumna in the then district of Ambala.
He was born in 1882 at village Khurdpur, District Jalandhar.
He was born in 1890 at village Sanghowal, District Register and was an important leader of the Ghadar Party
Bhagat Singh was an outstanding revolutionary and martyr of the Indian anti-colonial movement. He represented the youth who were dissatisfied with Gandhian politics and groped for revolutionary alternatives

RegisterRegisterHe was born at Longowal in Patiala State. Bhagwan singh joined the Akali agitation for gurudwara reform in 1922 and soon became its prominent worker participating in diwans and activities connected with forcible occupation of gurdwaras.
RegisterBhagwati Charan was born at Register in a Brahmin family of District Gujarat.
RegisterRegisterHe was born in 1889 at village Kariala, District Jhelum (now in Pakistan)
RegisterRegisterA prominent public figure of the Punjab, Bhai Parmanand descended from the family of the famous Sikh martyr, Bhai Mati Das.
RegisterRegisterHe was born in 1826 at village Bhaini in the District of Ludhiana.
RegisterRegisterUdham Singh was one of the great patriots of India, with a burning desire to see his motherland free from the clutches of British colonialism and imperialism. According to British records, he was born at Sunam Village, Patiala State, on 23 August 1901, and was known at various stages in his relatively short life by the following names: Sher Singh, Udham Singh, Udhan Singh, Ude Singh, Frank Brazil and Mohemed Singh Azad
He was a member of the Revolutionary Party in Lahore and a close associate of Saheed Bhagat Singh. Like Bhagat Singh, he took active part in revolutionary activities and helped in organizing revolutionary cells in the Punjab and other areas of North India.
A distinguished firebrand of the student community, Somprakash was born on 19th June 1919 in a Brahmin family of Attock. He had his early schooling at the Sanatam Dharam High School, Rawalpindi and his higher education at the D.A.V. College, Lahore.
RegisterA veteran freedom fighter, Sohan Singh Josh was born on 12th November, 1898 at village Chetnapura, District Amritsar. His father, Lal Singh, was keen on the good schooling of his son, but the difficulty was that there was no school nearby.
RegisterRegisterBorn in January, 1870 at village Khutral Khurd, District Amritsar, Sohan Singh was the only son of Sardar Karam Singh, a well-to-do peasant who died when Sohan Singh was hardly a year old. As there was no school in the village, Sohal Singh received his early education at the local Gurudwara.
RegisterRegisterSohan Lal was born on 7th January 1883 in the house of Pt. Chanda Ram, a poor Brahmin of Patti, District Amritsar. Being a brilliant student, he won scholarships and prizes a number of times while he was at the local school.
RegisterRegisterReal founder of the Praja Mandal movement in the Punjab and giant among freedom fighters, Sewa Singh was born in August 1878 at village Thikriwala, Patiala State. His father, Dewa Singh, was an important official in the same state. When he grew up, Sewa Singh also got appointment as a State official.

RegisterRegisterA great financier and leader of the Punjab Congress, Seth Sudarshan was born at Jhansi in 1903. After studying for a while at Allahabad at the Convent School, he came to Karnal from where he passed the Matriculation examination of the Panjab University, Lahore.
RegisterRegisterHe was born at Lahore in 1889. His father, Jamiat Rai Seth, was in Government service. Sant Ram received his early education in Government High School, Kasur.
RegisterRegisterA front-ranking freedom fighter, Sardul Singh Caveeshar was born at Amritsar in 1886. He had his degree in post-graduate studies from the Panjab University, Lahore in 1909. During the period of his studies he proved himself a first class football and Cricket player.
RegisterRegisterLala Pindi Das hailed from village Vaniawaal, District Gujranwala (now in Pakistan). He was born in June 1886. His father Lala Isher Das was a rich and prosperous man widely respected by the people of the locality.
RegisterRegisterA Chopra Khatri by caste, he was born at Wazirabad, District Gujranwala (now in Pakistan) in 1889. He graduated from D.A.V. College, Lahore in 1919. After that he joined the Law College, Lahore but left his studies in 1920 at the call of Mahatma Gandhi and joined the non-cooperation movement. He was arrested in 1921 and was sentenced in two and a half years’ imprisonment.
RegisterRegisterLala Har Dayal played a very important role in the struggle for India’s independence, He was born at Delhi on October 14, 1884. His father, Gaury Dayal Mathur, a Reader in the District Courts at Delhi, was not a man of wealth but a scholar of Persian and Urdu.
RegisterRegisterBorn in 1873, Lal Duni Chand passed his B.A. examination from the Forman Christian College, Lahore. After that he joined the Oriental College, Lahore where from he passed the Honors examination in Persian language and literature in 1894.
RegisterRegisterAn intellectual prodigy and a noted freedom-fighter, he was born in January, 1899 at Sialkot in the house of a well-to-do businessman, Pandit Vaish Nath Dutt. He first studied at the Murry College, Sialkot and then shifted to Lajpat Rai’s National College, Lahore where-from he graduated in 1923.
RegisterRegisterThe only son of his father Fateh Singh, Kishan Singh was born at village Baring, District Jalandhar. Before he entered on political activities, he was in the Indian Army for a period of about fifteen years serving in Battalion No. 35.
RegisterRegisterKedar Nath Saigal, Managing Agent of the Mohini Films Ltd., Lahore, came under the spell of national politics during the days of the Punjab agrarian unrest in 1907. When Ajit Singh and Sufi Amba Prasad set up the Bharat Mata Society, he joined it and soon became an active political worker.
RegisterRegisterA popular hero of the Akali movement of 1921-25, he was born in 1874 at village Jhabian, District Sheikhupura, now in Pakistan. His father, Teja Singh, was a well-to-do Virk Jat agriculturist.
RegisterRegisterPunjab had made great sacrifices in the freedom struggle of India and it is full of Memorials to such martyrs and also to the heroes of INDO-PAK WARS.
RegisterRegisterThe text in this document comes from "From 50 years, Golden Jubilee, Pakistan Resolution 1940-90" by Pakistan International Airline (PIA). The list in this document is by no means a complete list. There are a number of other freedom fighters who laid their lifes for the cause of a separte homeland for the Muslims of Sub-continent.


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Re: Today in Sikh History : 15th August

a salute to all the brave ones ....

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Re: Today in Sikh History : 15th August

Never forget the freedom fighter

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Re: Today in Sikh History : 15th August

nice post bai................ thnx for sharing..

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Re: Today in Sikh History : 15th August

good post bai KEPP the GOOD work up

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Re: Today in Sikh History : 15th August

Thanks a ton!!!!!!!!

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Re: Today in Sikh History : 15th August


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