Gandhi and Churchil

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Old 13-Apr-2007
Gandhi and Churchil

The "Half Naked Fakir"
"It is alarming and also nauseating to see Mr. Gandhi, a seditious middle temple lawyer, now posing as a fakir of a type well known in the east, striding half-naked up the steps of the viceregal palace, while he is still organizing and conducting a defiant campaign of civil disobedience, to parley on equal terms with the representative of the king-emperor."
- - Winston Churchill - -
For Gandhi, simplicity was the way of life. When the British invited Gandhi for peace talks, Gandhi saw no particular reason to change his attire, which was same as millions of his fellow countrymen. Gandhi met with Lord Irvin with the advantage of having won a moral victory. "I have caused a great deal for trouble for your government. But as men, we can set aside our differences for welfare of the nation" he said to the immaculately dressed viceroy, on occasion of which Churchill is said to have made his infamous comments.
Churchill, who considered himself a true democrat constantly opposed granting freedom to India. In more ways than one, Gandhi was a much greater democrat, especially in believing in self-determination of people and the universal equality of mankind. Churchill was to be irritated further. The following year, Gandhi met face to face with Churchill during the Indian round table conference -- "...I have an alternative that is unpleasant to you" he told Churchill and his clan of imperialists. " India demands complete liberty and freedom...the same liberty that Englishmen enjoy... and I want India to become a partner in the Empire. I want to partner with the English people ... not merely for mutual benefit, but so that the great weight that is crushing the world to atoms may be lifted from its shoulders".
Winston Churchill loathed Gandhi. Gandhi loathed none.

Old 02-May-2007
Re: Gandhi and Churchil

Yes- this is true. Churchill wanted Gandhi killed and he even discussed this issue but could not get favble atmosphere for it.
He did not like GANDHI and did not like the way GANDHI commands INDIA.
It was not easy for him to do anything in UK against him but one thing is sure. Had N.Gondse had not shot GANDHI- he might have gone down in history as another simple guy...he become BAPU and MAHATAMA after he got shot. It is said..that he smiles and join hands in NAMASKAR to his killer..when shot from front.

Old 15-May-2007
Re: Gandhi and Churchil

who was that Winston Churchill and why he wrote like this.

Old 05-Jun-2007
Re: Gandhi and Churchil

I think you guys have not seen movie "Shaheed Udham singh"
jehde wich Gandhi ne keha si ke " mein umeed karda ke ess pagal(shaheed Udham singh) di harqat da India di politics utte koi adverse effect nei pavega"

Gandhi nu puschheya si ke Bhagat singh nu ki saza ditti jave?
gandhi kehnda " jo ik killer nu ditti jandi hai"

Some one ask Gandhi that you started an agitation after you saw a notice at railway station in south africa that " Indians and dogs are not allowed" what about those above 40% Indians to whom you upper caste people force to live a life worse than dogs? why you never notice that discrimination in your own country.
This time this so called Mahatma had no answer.

Old 05-Jun-2007
Re: Gandhi and Churchil

Originally Posted by sukkha View Post
This time this so called Mahatma had no answer.
bot wadiyaa veere bot wadiyaa.. chaki chalo fatte

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