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chardi kala vich rhiye
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Heritage & Culture

The Punjabi Culture is reflected in its folk dances , folk songs , arts and crafts.Punjab deserves praise for its hospitality and assimilative power .

In addition to the Hindus , Muslims and Sikhs, the numerous ethnic groups that came to Punjab have contributed to the growth of its composite culture. The rich cultural heritage of Punjab gives a clarion call to peace and prosperity.

The Punjabis are known the world over for their Charm,Care free attitude and dynamic personality. Their innate resilience has helped them overcome one crisis after another . An openness and a readiness for restructuring an individual and collective levels have been the essence of Punjabi life- style , the core of Punjabiat .


MEN : The "Turban",kurta, a long straight-cut, loose shirt teamed with pyjamas, the loose baggy salwar or a kind of sarong called a chadra makes up the traditional dress for men. Winter sees the rustic Punjabi in colourful sweaters that wives and mothers are so skilled in making. A blanket finishes his ensemble.

The traditional Punjabi shoes, called juttis retain their popularity with both rural and urban men; they are both elegant and comfortable. Patiala and Muktsar are famous for juttis.

All dress in salwar topped by a kameez and accented by a rectangular scarf called the chunni or duppatta.Duppatta is very important part of Punjabi girls. It increases the smartness and proud of the women.


Bhangra and Gidda are world famous punjabi dance which have its root in punjab.The Bhangra and gidda are perhaps the most virile form of Indian Folk Dances. The energy of the dancers and the colerful dresses pep up the mode of the viewers even though they dont understand the language.The foot tapping beats of Dhol makes you mesmerised and will force you to be the part of the dance.


Being the Bowl of India punjab bosts about the prosperous villages.Brick house surrounded with lush green fields with all the basic amminities Punjab house is a place to be.

Punjabi farmers have adopted these days modern ways of farming like system of irrigation, methods of cultivation and new patterns of growing commercial crops ,but ox ridden with yoke have still not been replaced totally by the modern tractors. It's a feast for the eyes to see a traditional Punjabi farmer drawing water from the well, extracting juice from the sugarcane and grinding wheat -adopting conventional systems. Many of the Punjabi farmers have sent their children to modern schools in cities but themselves prefer to remain in the village to nourish the love in their bossom for the land.

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good info dee

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