You lied to my face!

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Old 18-Oct-2010
You lied to my face!

You lied to my face,
Pretended for a year.
To be a friend
Someone to hold dear.

But now you tell me
I'm not good enough for you
You said it was all a lie,
None of it was true.

You aided my downfall
But I still don't need you.
Without you I'm a better person
This I'm sure I knew.

All along I compromised
My character to fit in
But I still was too different
Not good enough to win.

I now ignore you,
As if I never cared
You are just an obstacle,
A burden for me to bear.

Next year a freshman
You'll go to a different school
I'll try to forget the pain you caused me
But now, I'm not a fool.

I don't have to compromise,
The way I talk, act, or look.
Even though you don't accept,
That I'd rather read a book.

Then chase after some guy,
Not caring how he acts
As long as he's 'hot'
A good heart he can lack.

Now I know,
That in my heart,
I never will fit in.
But as long as I stay true to Faith
I can always win.

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