Tale Of A Graduating Senior

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Old 18-Oct-2010
Tale Of A Graduating Senior

Four years ago...
as I can recall,
I stepped onto this campus alone,
nervous to the bone.
I did not know anyone,
or anything about high school,
I was just trying to get to class-
without looking like a fool.
At that time,
I did not know ,
that in four quick years -
my life could change so much...
Through friendships, teachings, memories, and such.
There were good times,
and bad times,
all times combined,
Fun times,
which left memories in my heart -
those will forever be mine.
Now, I am just days before graduation,
I am excited, yet nervous - with one wish,
one consideratoin,
If I could do high school over,
I would do it right,
I would of focused on high school seriously
And would of been an academic delight.
But...your only in high school once,
I finished nicely,
If I had to pass any advice on,
I would have to say;
Take it serious from the start,
look ahead four years ,
what do you want it to look like when your graduating class departs?
With that being said,
When your time comes to graduate with the rest,
I hope you have done your very best!
Well as it turns out I have finished the journey,
I have done my part.
In a couple days I will graduate -
I will leave with whatever is in my heart,
The echoing laughter, wisdom, and memories -
That will never leave me, never depart.

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