relation should be like this

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Old 02-Feb-2011
bapu da laadla
relation should be like this

Pencil : I am sorry

Eraser : For what ? You didnt do anything wrong ...

Pencil : I m sorry bcoz you get hurt because of me, Whenever I Made a mistake, u r always there too erase it , but as u make my mistake vanish , u lose a part of urself , u get smaller and smaller each time ...
Eraser : Thats true, But I really dont mind . you see , I was made to do this ... I was made to help u , whenever you do something wrong . Even though one day , I know I will be gone and you will replace me with new one . I am actually happy with my job . So , pleasestop worrying. I hate seeing u sad ...

Few relations are like the pencil and eraser ..

You dont mind being an eraser in some one's life by getting smaller and

smaller each day and vanish someday ...

You make the pencil happy by erasing their mistakes n happily vanish away ... !!!

Old 05-Feb-2011
Re: relation should be like this


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