Life Is A Song

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Old 20-Oct-2010
Life Is A Song

By Maria Nguyen
Life is a song.
It has its own way of escaping,
Ridding free of this plastic globe.
It takes you on an incredible journey,
Listening to those lyrics for the first time,
And hearing the sounds beyond them-
You just don't know what to expect
And this is only the beginning.

Life is a song.
It can make you feel anything,
With every beat, note, or tune,
Something is always happening.
Our frowns are rotating 180 degrees or
Tears dispersing into laughter.
Our actions unravel the events of tomorrow
But that's just the way of a song.

Life is a song.
We get to a fork in the road
Where decisions have to be made,
When the song changes its verse into a refrain.
Where in your life,
Unwanted troubles may stain perfection,
But you learn from your mistakes.
And that's just the way life goes.

Then one day, the song ends.
And the incredible journey has reached its destination.
The memories seem to fade away
But they will always remain deep within you.
The song fades into silence,
But the lyrics will always resonate in your mind.
And although it ends,
Life is just a song.

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