In The Midst Of Growing

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Old 18-Oct-2010
In The Midst Of Growing

Life is nothing more than a correction,
We are here because of wrong.
Just as we die because of neglection,
We live because we're strong.

A plant grows when it is fed,
As so does a mind.
Without mistakes a person's dead,
Or living life blind.

There's a battle everyday,
That God helps us overcome.
He tells us don't go astray,
No telling what we can become.

We live life at a cost,
And we all have growing pains.
Sometimes it seems like what we have lost,
Far outweighs what we have gained.

Sometimes it seems like what is bad,
Should have been what is good.
If I'm to fall when I am sad,
I should have never even stood.

If I'm to lay on my back,
I'm definitely going to rise.
Even though I only see black,
I'll still open my eyes.

When I look at my reflection,
I'm gonna love what I see.
I'm what is called a blessing,
Kind of a profit to be.

I've overcome so much,
In order to get where I'm going.
I can feel an angel's touch,
And it's helped me with my growing.

I have sure seen a lot,
But I haven't seen a thing.
I guarantee I won't be shocked,
What it is life will bring.

We are only scared to die,
Because of how we live.
Either we are lifted and we fly,
Or we are grounded and we give.

Make sure you grow and fly!

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