I Love MOM.

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Old 20-Jul-2013
sukh panech
I Love MOM.

*When you were born,
your mother
spent hours giving birth
to you; you
thanked her by crying
every nightin
the middle of her sleep
*When you were 4; your
bought you ice- cream;
you thanked
her by dropping it all
over the floor
*When you were 6; your
mother used
to drive you to school;
you thanked her
by closing the car door
and not even
looking back
*When you were 10;
your motherpaid
for music lessons; you
thanked her for
not even bothering to
*When you were 12;
your motherpaid
for summer campt; you
thanked her by
not even writing one
single letter
*When you were 13;
your mothertook
you and your freinds to
the movies;
you thanked her by
asking her to sit on
a different row
*When you were 15;
your motherwas
waiting for an
important phone call;
you thanked her by
being on the
phone all day
*When you were 17;
your mothercried
on your graduation day;
you thanked
her by partying out with
your freinds
all night; and not even
phoning her to
tell her that your okay
*When you were 18;
your mother
carried all your bags and
stuff to your
college campus; you
thanked her by
telling her to go away
as you was
embarrassed in front of
your friends
*When you were 20;
you got married
and your mother cried
of happiness on
your wedding; you
thanked her by
moving half way across
the country &
not bothering to keep in
*When you were 30;
your motherwas
old and asked you to
take care of her
you thanked her by
telling her that
shes annoying and old
people should
stop being such a
pressure on their
*Then suddenly one
day; your mother
quitely died; and
everthing that you
didn't do came rushing
back and hit
you like a crash of
thunder on your
Cherish and respect
your mother while
you have the chance...
You will come to Cry
when she is
Remember: we only
have one mom.

Old 21-Jul-2013
Bsg head banger
Re: I Love MOM.


Old 09-Aug-2013
Re: I Love MOM.

Sahi Likhiya yaar

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