I Don't Need Them

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Old 18-Oct-2010
I Don't Need Them

Jocks, punks, cowboys, gangsters
It's all the same to me
None want me
Most want blonds
Or tiny little creatures
Which I am not

Dark hair cascades about dark shoulders
Wave follows wave
The sun glimmering
In reflection
Dark eyes shimmering
With secrets
Wanting to be told
Lightly touched by pink
Are the lips set in this face
A scar with a darkened past
Crawling down the left cheek
Dark brows often raised
In sweet excitement
Long lashes hiding the secrets
Hidden those dark eyes

Shoulders that hold high
A neck that longs to be kissed
Collar with attention catching bone
Breasts swollen
Ribs that add curve
A stomach nearly flat
A belly button begging for a ring
Hips widened by age
Thighs fully muscular
Always attention grabbing
Knees that aren't average
Calves quite petite
Ankles that hold the weight of the world
Feet that trod
Across needles in search for the one

For whatever reason unknown
None of this catches their eye
I wish I knew why
Loneliness reaches small ears
As eyes roll wondering who will call
Sighs creep from these lips
As the phone rings for another
Whatever I do
It seems never enough
Friends make it better
Always reminding me

I'm beautiful
I know this
All of them
They just don't realize
They miss out on a lot
By looking the other way
I don't need them to feel whole
I have family
I have friends
They are just a plus
Though at times I long for their touch
I don't need them
No need for a man
I am whole on my own

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