American Bullets Unafraid to Fly

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Old 15-May-2011
American Bullets Unafraid to Fly

foreign graveyards
have been eating
very well lately
all the food 'death' can provide
when America's enemies hunger for war
and President Obama sends...
you something “tempered” ugly
like boiling hot water slow to cool
and gladly paid for by the U.S. Army

it’s 2011
and the Presidents of some
foreign governments
are doin’ their best
to help out too
by placin’ more terrorists
on the menu & in the cemetery.

this is no
New York Trade Center 2001 lie! ! !

‘cause when terrorism
attempts to go to war
in America
somebody named “Al Qaeda ” has to die
when peace is given a vacation
and told to cautiously wait for a minute
to fly on the plane.

unlike America bullets that will fly
some foreign fool thinks…
he can put his hands up under
the dress of
the Stature of Liberty

to see if her bloomers
are red / white or blue
and really really think…
they can disappear afterwards
like the late “Osama Bin Laden”
from Navy Seals or
the American 3rd Infantry Division.

when the the last Bush
they shook in Washington, DC
is still burnin’ nuclear hot
and far deadlier now
than a B-52 'California forest fire'

airlifted & delivered by the Airforce
to Afghanistan & Iraq
that the Navy
will have to piss out
in places
where terrorists hide
with Marine Corps fire

Old 02-Apr-2013
Re: American Bullets Unafraid to Fly


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