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The simple process of Pranayam can help one deal with stress better than any other stress buster. Only three rounds of inhaling and exhaling can reduce the stress by a considerable level. Yoga can help bring inner peace when one is stressed out. It can even help relieve headaches, backaches and menstrual cramps.

Results could be seen if one practises 10 to 15 minutes of yoga every day. Here are several simple poses, which can help one feel relaxed.



? Stand in the mountain pose, make sure that the body is correctly aligned.

? The weight should be balanced on both feet with it being distributed between the balls of the feet a n d t h e heels.

? Breathe evenly, without straining, and remain in mountain pose with eyes, shoulders and neck relaxed for five full breaths.


The basic yoga pose is parvathasana, but because this pose is so simple, many yoga enthusiasts tend to overlook its power.

Parvathasana is an essential pose for stress relief. The biggest benefit of this asana is that one can use this pose everywhere.



? Stretch out the legs and lie down on the stomach

? Hold the head with both palms while resting the elbows on the floor.


Makar means a crocodile and hence this yogasana is also known as the crocodile pose.

This is one of the best yoga poses for s t r e s s r e l i e f .

Continue the deep breathing and stay in the position for five to ten minutes before getting up slowly.

How this asana relaxes the entire body to relieve it from stress.



? With lower legs on the floor, bend the knees.

Now rest the chest on the knees and stretch the head forward towards the ground (let the forehead touch the ground if possible).

? Stretch the arms forward or backwards.


Balasana is one of the best known asanas for relaxation and meditation, which has relieved many from stress that leads to high blood pressure.



? Inhale through both nostrils, taking a slow deep breath in. Exhale through both nostrils using the throat to make a soft humming sound, like the buzzing of a bee. Do five to ten rounds, making the buzzing bee noise louder as you progress, but do not strain.


It is tremendous breathing exercise for meditation and helps the mind to be calm and peaceful. It also helps in the enhancement of an individual and is beneficial in reducing mental tension, agitation, high blood pressure, heart disease etc.

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