why cant i trust anyone?

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Old 28-Apr-2012
why cant i trust anyone?

Iím bipolar and I have a really hard time with people. I can't trust anyone and I don't think itís themóI think itís me.

I feel bad because no one really understands me and I can't talk to anyone without getting upset. I really just want to feel comfortable around people and myself, but I don't know how.

Itís natural to feel the way you are, but donít let it dampen your view of yourself. Youíre def not alone with those feelings; itís hard for anyone to trust others. People are complicated and can totes be hard to relate to sometime.

Hereís the big issue: How can you decide whom to trust? Answer: By getting to know them and making friends gradually. These two steps will help you add some people to your crew.

Stage 1: From acquaintance to friend
This first stage is about testing the waters. Try talking to some of your peers in your classes about school. Try to sit with a new group at lunch or get involved with a club or activity. Surround yourself with people. Be polite and understand that you donít have to get super personal just yet. You can have friends you arenít besties with; itís totes OK.

Stage 2: From friend to BFF
If youíre looking for a shoulder to lean on, once youíve gotten to know the people around you, you can focus on a few girls or guys you trust. Invite them to hang out outside of school. Let your friendships progress gradually and naturally: Thereís no rush. With time, youíll begin to trust your new friends and them you. Itís important to keep in mind that friendship is a two-way street: The golden ruleótreat others the way youíd like to be treatedótotally applies. Live by it.

A little help from a coach
As you do this, know there is someone you can trust whoís already out there: your guidance counselor. What youíre going through is something tons of teens and adults go through, but they donít have to do it alone. Itís so important you talk to your guidance counselor (or a parent or trusted adult) about your feelings and what youíre going through. Believe me, they only want to help you and bring you up. Let them.

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