Warning: Expired Makeup

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Old 07-Jun-2012
Warning: Expired Makeup

If youíre anything like me, your makeup collection is unruly, and more than half of it is hardly used. The worst part is when good makeup is expired, and you havenít even used it enough. It is important that when you are going through your collection of makeup, you pay attention to how old the products are. I know itís hard to part with your favorite beauty products, but it is definitely not worth the infection, and when itís old, it doesnít work well.

According to Allwomenstalk, the best way to prolong the life of your makeup is to store your products in a dark and cool environment away from sunlight and moisture. Learn the telltale signs of expired makeup by keeping these seven signs that your makeup has expired in mind the next time youíre going through your makeup bag. Think of purging your old makeup like a new start and a great excuse to head out and go shopping for new beauty treats.

Lipstick. The two best ways to tell if your makeup has expired is if it is dry and if it has changed in texture. Lasting typically up to about two years, old lipstick will not go on or look as luscious and creamy on your lips. Another way is to see if itís old it is to smell it; if it smells stale, itís time to can it!

Liquid foundation. Expired foundation is an easy one to spot because of the change in color. You know when you browse the beauty aisles at the drug store, and those bottles of liquid foundation have a strange color? Changes in texture and smell of the formula are both telling signs that the makeup has gone bad. Oil-based foundations last a bit longer (up to 18 months) than water-based foundations which typically last up to one year. Sometimes, your water-based foundation seems to be expired because it starts to become thick and dries up when you apply it. However, if you are sure it is less than a year old, try adding some drops of an alcohol-free toner to get the creamy texture back.

Mascara. According to Allwomenstalk, ďThe mascara tube is a real shady character because the dark and moist environment is a breeding ground for bacteria that can cause a plethora of infections. Aside from keeping tabs on how long youíve had your tube, sniff your mascara to see if has any foul smells. Toss anything that smells like gas or just plain off and replace mascara every 3-4 months to be on the safe side; itís hard to look cute with pink eye.Ē

Eyeliner. Avoid a trip to the doctor by making sure that any makeup you use on your eyes hasnít expired. Your eyes are far too precious! Make sure that if you ever see a white spot on your eyeliner that doesnít come off even when you sharpen or shave it, you throw it away. If your liquid liner is starting to get dry or clumpy, toss it in the trash! Old eye makeup doesnít work well anyway, so toss any expired eye makeup.

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