Some Physical Signs of Depression

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Some Physical Signs of Depression

Some Physical Signs of Depression

The emotional symptoms of depression are very well known, however the physical symptoms of depression may not be recognized by most of us.

Pain and other physical symptoms that may be felt by people suffering from depression include these,

Headaches. People with depression usually suffer headaches. Migraine headache gets even worse when you are depressed.
Back pain. If you are having back pain, depression may worsen the pain.
Muscle aches and joint pain. When coupled with depression every kind of chronic pain gets worse.
Chest pain. Chest pain is also associated with depression, getting your chest pain checked by an expert is very important as it can lead to a serious heart attack.
Digestion Problems. You might feel uneasy and nauseous. You might have diarrhea or become chronically constipated.
Fatigue. Feeling down, tired, worn out, lacking vigor despite taking your full 6 to 8 hours sleep, getting up in the morning seems impossible, this again is one fairly common symptom of depression.
Visible changes in sleeping pattern. Once in bed, people with depression, take hours in falling asleep ending up staying up whole night, experiencing insomnia, even if they fall asleep they wake up too early, not getting adequate sleep or in other case they sleep much more than normal.
Eating disorder. In some cases people with depression see decline in their appetite resulting in sharp weight lose while some others might start having unusual craving for certain foods , like carbohydrates and hence weigh more.
Giddiness and Lightheadedness .Unfortunately people who are experiencing depression find themselves helpless, the simple reason is their ignorance about these physical symptoms. In majority cases even the doctors miss these symptoms. Depression is an inner state which causes changes in your body’s inner system that slowly or in some cases rapidly becomes apparent outwardly as well. A classic example of depression upsetting the physical body is, it’s slowing down a person’s digestive system resulting in stomach problems.
What depression actually is? Depression is related to an imbalance of certain chemicals in your brain. Some of these same chemicals are responsible for your feeling, recognizing and experiencing pain also. Many experts say that depression can make you feel pain quite differently than other people.
How to treat these physical symptoms? Each case is a unique case however in some cases treatment either through therapy or medicine or both, successfully resolve the physical signs of depression.
Make sure you discuss all your physical symptoms, with your physician, in detail; they may need to give you an additional treatment for these physical symptoms of depression. For instance your doctor might recommend you an anti anxiety medicine if you have insomnia. Anti anxiety medicine helps you relax and allow you sleep well.
Interestingly easing your pain, in some cases, eases down your depression whereas some antidepressants may help with chronic pain too.
Pain and depression go hand in hand, sometimes easing your pain may help with your depression and some antidepressants, such as Cymbalta and Effexor, may help with chronic pain, too and then treatments like, cognitive behavioral also prepares you for coping with the pain better. Cognitive behavioral is a type of focused therapy which is used in treating depression.

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