Role of Fibre in Diseases [Part 1]

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Role of Fibre in Diseases [Part 1]

1.Gastro Intestinal Disorders
a) Constipation:
Fibre plays an important role in the prevention of constipation because of the water holding capacity of cellulose and pectin. This contributes weight, bulk and softness to faecal matter, allowing it to move through gastro intestinal tract more rapidly and with regularity. A diet low in fibre will result in a smaller quantity of faecal matter. Also, dry stools remain in the intestine longer and are passed with more difficulty. With low fabre intake, intestinal action will be sluggish. Fibre thus helps to reduce intraluminal pressure thus preventing constipation.
b) Diverticulosis
Diverticulosis are pouches in the region of Oesophagus , stomach, small or large intestine. The main cause is a diet low in fibre. The low volume of faecal matter requires severe contractions and may lead to formation of pouches.
Diverticulitis occurs when one or more of the diverticular become inflamed.
A high fibre diet helps in the treatment of diverticulitis by lessening pressure on the wall of the intestine.
c) Haemorrohoids
Most patients with haemorrohoids (ulcers around the anal region) present with bright red anal bleeding after defaecation. Bleeding is often precipitated by a period of constipation and it is possible that straining at stools is an important factor in the development of the condition.
Thus, increasing the fibre intake makes defaecation easy and often stops bleeding.

A weight reduction diet should be high in its fibre content. A high fibre intake can probably contribute to weight loss in two ways. One, due to the feeling of satiety (fullness) that comes from eating complex carbohydrate foods which appease the appetite, and thereby reduce thee extra food intake. Two, the low caloric value of the foods, which replace sugar and fats, have been implicated as causative factors of obesity.

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Re: Role of Fibre in Diseases [Part 1]


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Re: Role of Fibre in Diseases [Part 1]

Thanks peepu.

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