Recommended Calcium Intake

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Old 07-Aug-2012
Recommended Calcium Intake

Calcium is a vital nutrient required by the body for strengthening bones. After a certain age, loss of bones starts taking place and it is here where the consumption of calcium becomes all the more important. Also the intake of calcium is of prime importance for the growing child. Guidelines have been laid in the past regarding the total calcium intake per person per day, but amendments have been made and new guidelines have been set. Read further to explore information about the daily calcium intake…

The recommended calcium intake for men and women in the age group of 19-50 is 1,000 mg per day. While, for people in the age group of 50-70, the recommended daily calcium intake is 1,200 mg a day. If the intake of calcium is lower than the recommended amounts, it can become a serious cause of concern, leading to thinning of bones and thus, paving way for osteoporosis to occur.

Well, as it is said, excess of anything is bad, then be it on a lower side or a higher side. If calcium is consumed in higher doses, it can pose hurdles for the absorption of zinc, iron and magnesium. If calcium intake is as high as 2500 mg per day, then the risk of your developing kidney stone increases.

When calcium is consumed, it leads to loss of fluids in the body, thus causing dehydration. Thus, it is advisable to have plenty of fluids, while consuming calcium in any amount. Consumption of calcium carbonate can lead to gas and constipation problem and if such a thing happens, it is preferable to look forward towards consuming calcium citrate as a good alternative. So, make sure that your calcium intake is in parity with the set guidelines.

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