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Physical Fitness

Health is wealth; like wealth, it needs to be earned, maintained and looked after. Without health, the body becomes a weak shell, just struggling to survive like an old feeble man.
Maintaining and obtaining physical fitness requires several crucial components. The first and foremost is a balanced diet. It could be varied and spread throughout the nutrition chart. Although the exact composition of the diet depends on age, the basic structure should comprise of plenty of proteins, calcium, carbohydrates, vitamins and fiber and a limited amount of fat. These nutrition can be obtained through fruits, vegetables, brown bread, milk, dairy products, plenty of water and rice. Junk food ought to be avoided. As we get our energy, we should also make use of this energy by exercising regularly. This exercise can be in many forms, depending on the persons liking and age. It can range from high-end sports like football and kickboxing, to more subtle activities such as yoga and gymnastics. Other medium range options can be swimming, aerobics or even just simple brisk walking.
Along with that, clarity and a peace of mind keeps us in good mental condition. It is scientifically proven that stress on the mind can take its toll on the body, so mental stress and pressure should be minimized.
These factors should lead to a physically fit body. Working on it as early as possible can increase the longevity of life. Many life threatening disease in old age such as cancer and diabetes can be avoided. Our bodies become stronger, durable and capable.

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