Overcoming Paranoia

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Overcoming Paranoia

Medically explained, Paranoia is a disturbed thought process, which is marked by excessive anxiety or fear. The fear or anxiety usually expands and spreads to the point of delusion and irrationality. The word ‘Paranoia’ is derived from the Greek words ‘Para’ meaning outside and ‘Nous’ meaning mind. So simply put, paranoia means out of one’s mind. In ancient times, this word was used to describe anything that was in a delusional state. However, it is very much possible to overcome paranoia and this is usually done with the help of a qualified professional who prescribes apt medicines and other treatments.

What Causes Paranoia
Though the exact cause cannot be pinned, it is generally stated that paranoia occurs when there is a breakdown of a patient’s mind. The breakdown is of the various mental and emotional functions, due to which he/she is not able to come in terms with reality and starts to live in fear coupled with delusions. The cause for the breakdown is unclear and could range from many things like repressed dreams, memories, profound fears, etc. Though the cause may be a minor or a major one, once determined, it helps the treatment become easier and helps both the patient and the counselor to get over the disorder.

Tips to Overcome Paranoia
  • The first and foremost thing is that a person suffering from paranoia won’t accept he/she is paranoid. Thus, it is upto the close associates of the person to take them for professional counseling.
  • The doctor would generally prescribe behavioral therapy to make sure that the patient does not put up a defensive or offensive behavior while in public or at home. This also helps the patient to collect himself up and not make the disorder obvious to others.
  • Behavior therapy also makes the person a bit insensitive to criticism, which helps him/her to recover fast and gain confidence. After a few sessions, there are considerable changes in a person’s behavior and the doctor soon declares that the patient is fit enough to carry on without the sessions.
  • Along with the behavioral therapy, certain drugs are prescribed that help calm down the nerves. These medicines should be taken regularly in order to avail maximum benefits and help to overcome paranoia.
  • The most important thing that should be accomplished is that the fear and doubts in the mind of the patient must be broken and faith should be restored. Once this is done successfully, the road to recovery is an easy one.
  • Friends and family should be very supportive of the patient and must try to protect the patient and try to win his/her confidence. This way, the patient will feel secure and be able to over paranoia a bit easily.

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