Organic foods: Are they safer? More nutritious?

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Old 26-Oct-2009
Und3rgr0und J4tt1
Red face Organic foods: Are they safer? More nutritious?

You're in a bit of a dilemma standing in front of the produce section of your local supermarket. In one hand, you're holding a conventionally grown Granny Smith apple. In your other hand, you have one that's labeled organically grown. Both apples are firm, shiny and green. Both provide vitamins and fiber, and both are free of fat, sodium and cholesterol.

plz add on ur views!

Old 26-Oct-2009
userid 56304
Re: Organic foods: Are they safer? More nutritious

I think if enough testing is done and it is proven that the new food is safe then there is no problem with organic food. Plus the labelling informing the consumer that what they are about to buy is organic should also be necessary.

Pichey jahey meh jad high school ch c meh ik project kita c. Canada ch organic foods tey labelling mandatory ni haigi is lai bandey nu pata ni lagda joh oh buy karan lagea organic a key conventional a.

UK tey Europe dey kai parts ch eh mandatory a. Ik Canadian company a jehri organic food ugaundi a.......ohna ney kai navian species tyaar kitian kai foods dian....par apni monoply vadhaun lai.....ohna ney ohna tey copyright keh lao ....lai liya tah ki farmers ohna nu bina paisey ditey toh oh beej na sakan.....naaley ohna ney seeeds sirf ehda dey banaey jehrey ik beej toh baad khatam ho jaan tah ki farmers ohna toh beej lain aun. Jeh farmers ohi beej dubara ugaundey tah oh company ohna nu sue kar sakdi a.

Plus jehrey organically grown food a kai vaar ohdey tey enough testing ni hoi hundi. Hun jehri vadian companies a ki pata oh government officials nu bribe karkey apnia seeds varities nu sell karan lai manzoori dawa lain. Naaley jadon oh testing kardey a farm bana key tah kai vaar hawa naal oh beej ud key dujey farmers dey khet ch chul jandey a jehrey conventional tareeekey naal food ugaundey a.

Ik Canadian farmer c oh UK nu food export karda c par jad ik vadi company ney ohdey neerley farms tey apni testing shuru kiti tah ohda bussiness almost khatam ho jaan wala c kyunki oh apney grown food di purity ensure ni kar sakda c. Jad hawan chaldi c tah company dey seeds trucks toh ud key ohdey khet ch dig jandey c.

P.S - I think jeh tah labelled tey properly tested a tah koi problem ni organic ch. Par tuhanu pata hi a jihna da eh bussiness hou ohna nu ki parwah lok ki khandey a. Jad tak proper testing tey certifying procedure ni set hundey ohdo tak conventional food hi theek a.

Labelling har ik case ch mandatory honi chahidi a.

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