How to Heal a Wound

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Old 18-Jan-2011
Lightbulb How to Heal a Wound

Wound is a type of injury which causes break of the skin. It is very important to keep proper care of the wound for early healing of the wound.

During rainy season an open wound is a free invitation for infection which can cause serious damage to your body. It is good to consult your doctor and take proper first aid in the early stages.

Tips to Heal the Wound Effectively:
Keep the area clean and dry: If you keep the affected area clean and dry it will prevent germs from reaching the internal skin thus reducing the chances of any serious infection.

Proper Dressing and first aid: Do proper dressing and use appropriate first aid to prevent any infection. Follow doctorís instructions properly. Do not tie the bandage too tightly as it can disturb the blood circulation.

Avoid exposure of wound to rain water. Rain water contains germs and over exposure to water or rain water can cause serious infection.
In case of swelling, peeling or redness of the skin, contact your doctor immediately. In case of pus or foul smell coming out of the wound it is important to take quick treatment otherwise it may spoil the wound.
In case of itching around the wound, donít scratch with nails. Use some medicated powder or some moisturizer to remove dryness.
Do not remove the skin around the wound as it may delay the healing time of the wound.

Always cover the wound before going out. It will cover the wound from dust thus preventing infection.
Clean wound with antiseptic lotion and then put some medicated cream or lotion. Never keep it open without any first aid as it increases chances of infection.

Go for tetanus injection if wound was caused due to some iron product as it may cause serious infection if left untreated.

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Re: How to Heal a Wound


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Re: How to Heal a Wound

Very simple and good explanation..Great job (y)

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Re: How to Heal a Wound


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