Happy at home and sleeping well

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Old 28-Jul-2009
Happy at home and sleeping well

This is a known fact that relationship satisfaction and sleep quality are linked together and now this is proven by the research also.
When women having negative day time interaction with their partner, that night , this results in poor quality sleep in them and in their partner .Where as when men gets good quality sleep in the night , next day , this results in positive ratings of relationship.
The way sleep affects the next day relationship performance seems like a vicious cycle, where sleep affects next day interaction and relationship functioning and relation ship functioning affects the subsequent nightís sleep. Conflicting with each other during the day leads to worse quality sleep that night which then leads to more conflicts and negative rating interaction the next day. A womanís understanding and her point of view of her relationship impact not just her own but also her partnerís subjective sleep quality that night. Itís a wise idea in relationship to think before you speak. If you speak without thinking first, it might cause a misunderstanding that could amplify a problem
Couples should practice patience when listening to each other and let each other know that you want to hear your partnerís concerns because you value the happiness in relationship.

The best solution to break the vicious cycle of negative interaction during the day and worse sleep in the night , is to strengthen friendship in marriage and to postpone the difficult discussions until both partners have had a good nightís sleep.
And remember that staying married is only half the battle ,being happily married is the other half !

Old 12-Sep-2009
Re: Happy at home and sleeping well

thanks peepu

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