Hair Split Ends

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Old 12-Jun-2009
Hair Split Ends

Most of us wish to have thick, shiny and bouncing hair. Sometimes, people even get obsessed with the desire of having healthy hair. With really busy schedules and effluence, it is actually difficult to maintain and keep your hair intact and the result is hair split ends. Your hair is always at risk of split ends, owing to one or more reasons. It doesn’t only make your hair look awful, but also risks your hair of getting completely forayed. Check out the causes and natural home remedy to avoid hair split ends.

Causes of Hair Split Ends:

Hair split ends, Trichoptlosis in scientific terms, occur when the defensive cuticle of hairgets stripped away from the hair fibers’ ends.This usually happens when the likely oils from the scalp fail to arrive at the ends, or when cortex loses moisture and the hair starts to disentangle, resembling a rope. Besides this, the additional reasons for hair split ends could be:
  • Dry scalp
  • Exposure to sunlight
  • Excessive temperature
  • Using too many chemical products like relaxers, dyes and hair color.
  • Not taking healthy diet or lack of nourishment
  • Forceful brushing and backcombing.
  • Use of metallic combs and brushes
  • Combing wet hair
  • Using uncovered elastic bands on the hair
  • Using satin pillows
  • Frequent use of appliances like iron or hair blow dryers

Old 12-Sep-2009
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