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Diseases Cured by Cow Urine:

Cow urine is basically an excellent germicide that kills a variety of germs. Therefore, all the diseases that are caused by germs are destroyed through cow urine therapy. And if it is taken on a daily basis, it improves immunity in such a way that resists almost every disease. Some of the diseases that are proven to be cured by cow urine include:



Migraine or headache



Skin diseases like eczema, ringworm, and itching


Other Benefits:

In Ayurveda where ever urine is mentioned, it is to be understood as cow urine. Excessive use of any medicine leaves some residue in our body. This residue causes diseases. Cow urine destroys the poisonous effects of residues and makes body disease free. In scriptures some diseases are said to be due to sinful actions performed in previous lives which we have to bear. Ganga resides in cow urine. Ganga is destroyer of sins, thus cow urine destroys such previous sins and so diseases are cured. Cow is our mother and we are her children. Therefore, cow urine is beneficial as it:

Lowers the levels of cholesterol

Relieves tension

Improves memory

Enhance the functioning of liver

Slows down the process of aging

Gives strength to brain and heart

Destroys the toxic effects of medicinal residues in the body

In fact, if cow urine is taken regularly even without having any illness, it keeps our body healthy by giving us immunity, by eliminating toxic substances and by keeping our digestive capacity in good condition.

Cow urine being miraculous poison destroyer, destroys the disease caused by poison (Toxin). Extremely dangerous chemicals are purified by cow urine. Cow urine provides immunity power by increasing resistance power against diseases in human body. It is anti toxin.

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