Four ways to sleep better

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Old 09-Apr-2012
Four ways to sleep better

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1. Do feng shui

According to the rules of feng shui, your bed should be positioned so that you can see the door when lying down, while the headboard should be against a solid wall. For a bedroom feng shui consultation.

2. Take magnesium

Dubbed the ‘relaxing mineral' due to its ability to relax the muscles, magnesium improves sleep. To get more if it, eat plenty of nuts, wholegrains, beans, fish and dark green veggies.

3. Up your blood levels

Although eating late is never good, going to bed hungry is also bad for sleep as it leads to low blood sugar, which triggers the release of adrenaline, making you more alert. "Eat foods containing the amino acid tryptophan, as this produces the sleep-enhancing hormone serotonin," says nutritionist Sarah Queen. Sarah suggests bananas, milk, fish, chicken, pulses and avocados.

4. Use calm shades

According to the science of colour psychology, the colours in your room can influence your wellbeing, possibly because the part of the brain that processes colours also controls your moods and your sleep. While red should be avoided, cool colours should be embraced. "Blues and greens are restful and calming, so great for the bedroom," says Dubai-based interior design consultant Sharon Conneely-Donaldson.

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Re: Four ways to sleep better

hmmm try kr leni a thnks for share

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