Dental Problems of Diabetics

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Dental Problems of Diabetics

Dental Problems of Diabetics

Studies have shown that diabetes affects the teeth and gums .When dentists find that some one’s teeth and gums are not in good condition, the possibility of co-existing diabetes comes in their mind. Uncontrolled diabetes seems to accentuate disease of the gums (periodontal disease), the second most common cause for teeth problems. Neglected mouth care may precede the diabetes and influence some of the problems. However, when diabetes is grossly uncontrolled, it appears that patients lose their teeth at a faster rate (perhaps even a decade earlier) than they should. There are number of reasons for this. One is the formation of dental plaque (collection of bacteria that cling to the teeth surface) There is also lose of collagen (supporting connective tissue). Studies have shown that even pre-diabetes can cause increased caries (cavities) .Poorly controlled diabetes also causes poor and delayed healing. Therefore a proper control of diabetes and a regular visit to the dentist is central in maintaining good oral hygiene and care in a diabetic individual.

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Re: Dental Problems of Diabetics


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Re: Dental Problems of Diabetics

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