Best exercise for thighs?

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Old 14-Jun-2009
Best exercise for thighs?

Thighs are often the most difficult areas to shift weight from as they're one of the main places that women tend to store fat, so it'll be difficult...

However, there are some very simple exercises that can help you tone up.

Walking always helps, as does climbing and descending stairs. I'm not sure how well I can explain the other exercises, but I'll try!

Lean with your back to a wall as if you were sitting on a chair, so your thighs are horizontal - you might have had to do similar in school either in gym or as a punishment! See how long you can remain in that position - it's a killer on the thighs, but burns calories and tones the muscles.

I'm not very good at explaining these things, so this is from a site called "Are You Slim?"

The exercises are called "Squat Thrusts" and among other things, help to tone your upper legs:

"1. Put your hands on the floor, shoulder width apart, with your legs stretched, just like in the normal push up position.
2. From this position, quickly bring both legs forward, underneath your torso, by bending your knees and thrusting forward quickly.
3. Then return your legs to the original position using the same quick, powerful movements."

A good, healthy diet will also help so reduce the amount of saturated fats, salt, etc. that you eat. Fish, white meat, pasta and wholegrain rice are very good if you want to lose some weight and tone up.

Old 14-Sep-2009
Re: Best exercise for thighs?

Good work peepu

Keep it up

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