Benefits Of Carrots

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Old 11-May-2010
Benefits Of Carrots

Carrots are chock full of vitamin A, and vitamin K, are great for you and are low in calories.

*Eating carrots are great for your eye health preventing cataracts and improving your night vision.

*Drink some carrot juice to help treat headaches.

*Great for your heart - preventing strokes, heart attacks, heart disease and cardiovascular diseases and cancer

*Helps treat conjunctivitis (pink eye).

*Help rid warts.

*A carrot a day will give you great skin and healthy hair.

*Carrots are great for your bones ultimately preventing osteoporosis and other bone diseases.

*Helps soothe and treat sunburns and minor burns.

*If you want to quit smoking start munching on carrots during the day.

*Carrots help prevent and protect you against food poisoning.

*If you are a smoker or are continuously around smoke - eat carrots daily to prevent emphysema.

*Great antioxidant and anti-aging food - helping slow down the wrinkle process and muscular degeneration which in essence prevents blindness when you get older.

*Helps treat asthma and respiratory problems.

*Helps keep blood pressure levels healthy.

*Helps lower cholesterol levels.

*Helps treat angina.

*Helps cleanse and detoxify your body.

*Help prevent anaphylaxis attacks.

*Helps treat liver problems.

*A carrot a day will keep the lung cancer away by 50%.

*Helps digestive problems such as ulcers or colic.

*Help maintain a healthy blood sugar level.

*Helps boost your immune system - aid against colds and fluids.

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