Average Teenager Weight

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Old 27-May-2009
Average Teenager Weight

The teen years are one of the crucial years, which can be termed as the foundation or building blocks of life. These are the formative years of life, evolving the individual into an adult. Therefore, at this stage of life it is very necessary to stay healthy and fit. In order to achieve the goal, it is essential to determine the average weight of a teenager. This helps in maintaining the weight as well as the diet plan.

Usually, a healthy body is determined by the average weight and height ratio. However, the standard height and weight chart does not tell the accurate weight. To be more precise, the weight is calculated by the means of BMI that is, Body Mass Index. This index calculates a number by dividing weight by the square of the height. Moreover, this varies for both boys and girls. The average height and weight charts for both girls and boys are given below.

Teen Bodies
In case a look at this chart has sent the alarm bells ringing, take your child to a Pediatrician. They have a chart containing the height, weight and BMIs for each age and percentile. Therefore, they can determine the healthy definition of being normal. During the teen years, bodies of children are affected by puberty. There is a sudden change in the body structure due to the hormones. As a result, though the body is growing on a natural pace, it appears quite different. In such a case, height and weight makes little difference. For girls, the body fat percentage increases between the age of 10 and 14. In contrast, the fat percentage decreases for boys, between 12 to 16 years of age.

Maintaining Weight
Now, the bottom line is that whether a teenager is suffering from under weight or over weight, the problem can be fixed to a certain extent, by proper food habits and nutrition. A balanced diet is very essential when you are growing up. If one is eating healthy with adequate exercise, the weight will stay in accordance with the height. High fat and calorie food should be consumed, once in a while. Moreover, you can consult a dietician, to know the exact quantity of various elements and minerals in your diet.

Old 27-May-2009
Re: Average Teenager Weight

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Re: Average Teenager Weight

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Re: Average Teenager Weight

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