Almond Milk

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Almond Milk

We are living in the world of substitutes, where one food product can easily be exchanged for another, without any adverse effect on the nutrition benefits. The latest product to be used as a substitute is almond milk. Not milk in the literal sense, it is basically a milky drink made from ground almonds and water. It is being used as a replacement by people who are not too fond of cow’s milk. Apart from being better in taste, almond milk also accords a number of health benefits to its users. One can either purchase the milk from the market or even make it at home, by blending ground almonds with water, in a blender. In the following lines, we have provided more information on almond milk, including some nutritional facts surrounding it.

Health Benefits of Almond Milk:
  • Almond milk is rich in Vitamin E, a known antioxidant, and thus, is believed to good for those undergoing detoxification programs.
  • Almond milk contains high levels of unsaturated fat and has been associated with lower risk of heart attack.
  • Almond milk has been found to contain little to no saturated fat and no cholesterol, making it extremely good for those suffering from high cholesterol problem.
  • Almond milk does not contain lactose. This makes it easily digestible and the perfect alternative for those suffering from lactose-intolerance.
  • Owing to the absence of saturated fats and presence of unsaturated fats, almond milk can be said to be good for those trying to lose weight.
Nutritional Facts about Almond Milk:
  • Almond milk is rich in protein and omega fatty acids.
  • Almonds milk does not contain cholesterol and saturated fats
  • Almonds milk has high levels of vitamin E and unsaturated fats
  • Almond milk contains minerals such as zinc, magnesium, potassium, calcium and iron.
  • 8 oz (237ml) of almond milk contains 70 calories, 2gm protein, 10gm carbohydrates and 2.5 gm fat: 2.5g
  • Almond milk has zero fiber.

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Re: Almond Milk

Very Rich In minerals

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