5expensive addictions

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5expensive addictions

It is the one with which most of the people are addicted, costing $166 billion annually to addicts. Binge drinking hits unemployed harder on per capita basis 10.4% vs 8.45% of employed persons. It is more prevalent in small metropoliton cities,rather in the big cities or rural areas. Wooping 18$ billion is spent on the treatment for this addiction.

Smoking has the estimated annual cost of about $157 billions. It includes $75 billion in direct medical expenses,with rest in lost productivity from ill patients missing work.

Drugs estimated annual cost is $110 billion.As alcohol,illicit drug is more used among the unemployed.Most addicts are also heavy drinkers,though only a small minority of alcohol are drug abusers.Marijuana,cocaine and heroin are most commonly used drugs in youth.Drugs addiction may lead to serious diseases like AIDS,cancer


Its estimated annual cost is about $107 billion.Overeating increases the risk of heart attack,and many health related problems.Obesity causes 14% of attacks in men and 20% in females.The doctors advise to have the regular exercise to prevent this problem.but,only fewer are following this.


Its estimated annual cost is about $40 billion.Addicted gamblers often feel compelled to chase bad bets with more money in the hope that they will win.Gamblers feel that it is the secured way to get enough money in the pockets.But, they donít know that it costs them more as goes further

Old 27-Mar-2010
Re: 5expensive addictions

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