5 icky things you probably don't want to eat

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Old 23-May-2012
5 icky things you probably don't want to eat

From beetles in drinks to slime in hamburgers, weíve seen a lot of disgusting things cropping up in our favorite foods lately. Just when we think weíre home free, however, the Huffington Post finds even more yucky additives lurking in pantry and refrigerator staples. Put down your frappe and step away from your after school snack, sweeties. Itís time to get a liíl grossed out.

Cleaning agents
Ammonium sulfate is a salt compound thatís usually found in fertilizers and heavy-duty cleaning products. But itís also made its way into rolls at certain fast-food joints, like Subway. While itís safe to consume in small amounts, that doesnít mean we want a side of acid-neutralizer with our veggie sub.

Silicon dioxide, a key ingredient in this sticky beach constant, is used to keep food from clumping. Beware of Wendyís chili and Taco Bellís meat filling unless youíre looking to feel a liíl closer to the shore.

Did you know that after milk has its fat removed, it has a blue hue? No? Thatís probably because many milk manufacturers use titanium dioxide, also found in sunscreen, to whiten it up. Yum.

So Starbucks ditched the beetles, but thatís not the only creepy crawly in your munchies. Shellac, a secretion from a Thai bug, is used not only to give your shabby-chic dresser some shine, but also to gloss up your jelly beans.

Azodicarbonamide is in some of our favorite products: running shoes, water bottles, yoga mats. Itís also in hamburger bunsókeep that in mind during your next cookout.

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