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Old 21-Feb-2011
Thumbs up Why me

A RICH MAN living in the tower building tried to attract the attention of a passerby,
by dropping a coin on the street below. But every time he dropped one,
the person would gleefully pocket it & walk on, without a care as to where
it came from .
in desperation he threw a small stone that was lying in his room . it injured the passerby slightly,
As it struck him .the passerby immediately looked up with questioning , why the rich man had thrown the stone and started abusing the rich man .
The same is our story

when SATGURU blessing r showered upon us daily , we take them for granted.
then suddenly when trouble befalls us , instantly we look up to SATGURU with a question

,,""""""""""" WHY ME ????????????

Old 21-Feb-2011
Re: Why me

nice moral..
shouldnt be like "why me?"
should be
Try me
coz adversities makes a man stronger...

Old 23-Feb-2011
bapu da laadla
Re: Why me

Sahi keha bhaji.

Old 23-Feb-2011
bapu da laadla
Re: Why me

Sukha de vich koun chete karda ae malik nu. Dukh wele he yad aounda hai sab nu.
Kayi lok ta rabb nu kossde rehnde jado ohna da kuch bura hunda par oh kamle ne jaande k banda ta bande da vairi ho sakda rabb ne kise da vairi. Je oh ik darwaja bnd karda hai ta dus khol v dinda hai. Par bnda rabb nu kossan ch ena ruj janda k ohnu oh 10 darwaje ne dikhde.
Ik gal hamesha apne dimaag ch rakho ki rabb jo karda changa he karda phe har mushkil cho nikalya ja sakda.

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