What is Khanda? Meaning of Khanda

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Old 14-Jul-2010
aman sidhu
What is Khanda? Meaning of Khanda

The Khanda is the emblem of the Sikh faith, symbolizing the four pillars of Sikh belief.

It consists of four symbolic weapons:

In the center, the double edged sword, or khanda, from which the symbol derives its name. The Khanda represents knowledge of divinity and the creative power of God.

Surrounding the khanda is a circular quoit, called a Chakkar (or chakka, meaning wheel, from the same root as chakra), a medieval weapon which symbolizes the unity of God.

On either side, crossed daggers, or kirpans, called Piri and Miri (after the personal weapons of Guru Hargobind), symbolizing spiritual and temporal (earthly) power in balance.

Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa
Waheguru Ji ki Fateh

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