The Sidh Gosht- Dialogue With The Sages

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Old 11-Jan-2008
The Sidh Gosht- Dialogue With The Sages

THE SIDDH GOSHT (Translated from the original in Gurmukhi by INNI KAUR)

Snuggled in the Guru Granth Sahib on pages 938-946 are seventy-three exquisite stanzas that encapsulate the philosophy of Guru Nanak. Written in a musical measure is a discourse between Guru Nanak and the Nath yogis. The latter were ascetics (siddhs) who had renounced the world and made their home in the caves of the Himalayas, where they practiced their religious austerities; they subscribed to the belief system that certain mental and physical exercises are necessary for acquiring occult powers (also known as siddhs), which in turn would lead to the attainment of liberation.

So what is the Siddh Gosht?

The Siddh Gosht is a series of questions put before Guru Nanak by the yogis. What is fascinating is that the questions of the yogis are the very same questions we face in the world today. Guru Nanak answers the yogis in their language, using their idiom and symbolism. His answers are as fresh and enlightening as they were some five centuries ago. His belief that liberation can be attained while "living in this world" by becoming truth-oriented, comes out loud and clear. For Guru Nanak, true yoga is a meditative remembrance of the Word, but must be combined with selfless service to those in need in the community.

While there is some difference of opinion over the time and place when the Siddh Gosht was composed and about which siddhs were present during the dialogue, there is no question regarding the authorship.

In "The Dialogue" below, the words of the siddhs are presented in itallics; Guru Nanak's response in each case is shown in regular font.


The siddhs join

The saintly congregation

And offer salutations.

Says Nanak:

I salute

The Infinite One

Who is beyond reach.


Speak truthfully-

Who are you?

What is your name?

Which path do you follow?

What is your life's aim?


I speak only Truth.

I bow only

To the Infinite One.

I dedicate my life

To the Infinite One.

I seek

A truthful congregation

To experience Equipoise.

In wandering

I see no merit.

Liberation comes from

The Word.

Where is your home?

Where have you come from?

Where are you going?

You were once a wanderer.

Now, you are a householder.

Which path are you pursing?

Enlighten us.

My home is

In the Infinite One

That dwells in all.

I've come from Truth,

To Truth I'll return.

I pursue only Truth

By Guru's Grace.

This world is an impassable ocean.

How does one cross over?

Give us your thoughtful reply,

Says Charpat.

To the one who claims

To know all,

What answer can I give?

Attune the mind

To the Word.

Amidst desires,

Be without desire.

Amidst attachment,

Live detached.


Like a lotus in muddy waters,

Like a duck floating in a stream,

You, too, will cross over.

The truth-oriented

Realizes -

The self is

Merged in


How does one find

The Guru's door?

The fickle mind

Sits in its true home,

But knows naught.

When the Word is imbued,

It becomes an anchor.

Mind steadies.

Truth Graces.

One arrives.

We shun the world

And abide in the woods.

We eat fruit and roots

And bathe at sacred sites.

Thus, filth touches us not

And we obtain fruits of peace.

This ancient wisdom

Is our way to union.

Says Loharipa, Gorakha's disciple.

With mind attuned to

The Word,

Live in the world.

Without the Word,

Worldly hunger devours.

Desire not another's

Beauty or wealth.

Steady the mind.

Sleep light, eat light.

It is quintessential


O Nanak,

Wear our colors,

Our earrings,

Our patched coat

Amongst the twelve schools of yoga

And the six schools of philosophy,

Ours is the best.

Adopt our way -

Suffering disappears.

This is the way

To attain union.

Without the Word,

Religious robes are useless.

Without the Word,

There is no yoga.

Without the Word,

There is no liberation.

Word is the

Teacher that liberates.











Become your companions.

Dwell on

The One.

See the One

In all.

Truth Graces.

Divine Union

Is attained.

Who is in all?

Who is free from rebirth?

Who overcomes duality?

Who is born?

Who dies?

Who pervades the three regions?

The Infinite One

Is in all.

The truth-oriented

Is liberated.

The one permeated in the Word

Overcomes duality.

It is ego

That is born.

It is ego

That dies.

Truth pervades

The three regions.

How does one get entangled with worldly attachments?

How is purity lost?

How is it regained?

How is the darkness of ignorance lifted?

One who explains this Reality

Is our Teacher.

When Truth becomes distant,

Worldly attachments entangle.

In egotistical deeds,

Purity is lost.

Becoming truth-oriented,

It is regained.

Meeting the Teacher,

The veil of ignorance is lifted.

Why did you leave home?

Why did you wander?

Why did you wear the hermit robes?

What are you trading?

How will you ferry your followers across?

I became a wanderer

In search of

Truth-Oriented individuals.

I wore the hermit robes

To meet

Seekers of Truth.

I am a trader of Truth.

The truth-oriented

Will be ferried across.

How did you change your destiny?

Who absorbs you?

How have you stilled your hopes and desires?

How have you found the Light within?

Life is full of desires, how have you overcome them?

The Word

Changed my destiny.

The Unstruck Melody

Absorbs me.

Living Truth

Ended my reincarnations.

The Word

Burnt my worldly desires.

Becoming truth-oriented,

I found the Light within.

Desires are three-tiered:




Overcoming them,

Truth itself emancipates.

What is the beginning?

Where does the Infinite One live?

What are the markings of spiritual wisdom?

Who lives in all hearts?

How does one overcome the fear of death?

How can one enter fearlessly?

How is Equipoise attained?

How does one overcome the Five Thieves?

(Lust, anger, greed, attachment, ego)

The Beginning:

A state of indescribable wonder,

A state of profound stillness,

Is the abode of the Infinite One.

The conquest of desire

Is the marking of spiritual wisdom.

The Infinite One

Abides in all hearts.


The Word


The fear of Death.

The Word enlightens.

The Word conquers.

The Word reveals.

Equipoise is attained.





The thieving five

Are overcome.

Where do we come from?

Where do we go?

Where do we rest in salvation?

The one who reveals this mystery,

We consider him the Teacher.

How does one find the Quintessence?

How does one become truth-oriented?

We emerge

In Divine Command.

We leave

In Divine Command.

We rest

In Divine Command.

Through Word,

Equipoise is attained.


Divine Command,

Truth will unfold,

Reality will reveal.

Intuitively, one receives

The Immaculate Essence.

The heart in which

Rests Truth -

That heart

Has merged.

The Teacher


The disciple that serves

This Teacher

Forsaking all,

Finds Truth.

A yogi

Is one


Kills his ego,

Becomes sans desire


Enshrines the Truth

Deep within.

Knowing Oneness,

Experiencing Oneness,

Obliterating ego,

Duality dissipates.

Within flowers -

The Lotus

Illuminating one.

The journey begins.

When the self dies,

One sees oneself

In all life.

The journey has begun.

True Wisdom

One attains.





One discriminates.

Reflecting on

Virtue and wisdom

Is the

Essence of True Living.

Through the Word,

Reincarnation ends.

Forgetting the Word,

The ego-oriented suffer,

They know no peace.

The truth-oriented

Lives in Truth.

The truth-oriented


The jewel Truth.

The truth-oriented


The jewel Truth.

The truth-oriented

Practices Truth





In the truth-oriented


The Word



The truth-oriented

Intuitively understands

The ancient scriptures.

The truth-oriented

Knows the mystery

Of all hearts.

The truth-oriented

Rises above

Worldly give and take.

The truth-oriented


The eight occult powers

And universal wisdom.

The truth-oriented

Discriminates between

Truth and falsehood.

The truth-oriented



Worldliness and renunciation.

The truth-oriented

Is the bridge

That carries millions ashore.

The truth-oriented


The cycle of birth and death.

The truth-oriented


The mystery of the Unspoken Word.

The truth-oriented

Is liberated

Through the Word.

In the midst of family,

Living righteously,

In contemplation,

Through pure conduct

Inspiring others,

The truth-oriented


In the Infinite One.

The Infinite One

Created earth

For the truth-oriented.

It is a play of

Creation and destruction.

What is the source?

Which teachings hold true?

Who is your Teacher?

Whose disciple are you?

How do you stay unattached?

The air is the source.

It is the first breath.

The teachings of

The True Teacher

Hold true.

The Divine Word

Is my Teacher.

I, its disciple.

Attached to the


I remain detached.

Immersed in Word,

Ego becomes distant.

True contemplation

Takes place.

Immersed in Word,

True conversation

With the seekers of Truth

Takes place.

Immersed in Word,

One understands

The three worlds.

Immersed in Word,

One finds the

Door of liberation.

Immersed in Word,

Divine Nectar flows.

Ego's fire

Is extinguished.

The path is hard, without ascetic discipline,

How does one cross over?

The soul lives in a body of passion.

Where is the cave

That tranquils the mind?

Hard it is

For the self-centered

To cross over.

Eradicating "I",

Erasing duality,

One crosses over.

When Word resides within,

Body and mind are cooled,

Immersed in Truth.

When the focused mind

Is in deep absorption,

The soul rests

In the Cave of Equipoise,

Its true home.

How is the mind enlightened?

How is Wisdom attained?

How is fear of death overcome?

Who is the warrior who conquers death?

How is the honor of the Truth-Oriented preserved?

Immersed in Word,

Body and mind become one.

Breath rises

To the Tenth Door.



Eternal Light

Floods in.

Darkness is dispelled.

Wisdom is attained.

The Word within


The fear of death.

Pain and pleasure

Are alike

To the conqueror of death.

The truth-oriented


The One

In all -


A treasure of Truth.

Where abides the Word?

Who supports the breath?

How is the mind stabilized?

How can the Unseen be seen?

The Word abides

In the heart of all beings.

The Infinite One

Supports breath.

Enshrined in the Word,

Mind stabilizes.

The Word

Pervades all beings.

As air is all-pervading,

So is the Infinite One.

Through Grace,

One understands

The three energy channels:





The Infinite One

Is beyond

The energy channels.


The Word,

The Unseen

Is seen.

If air is the true substance of life,

Where does air draw its sustenance?

Which is the way to wisdom?

What kind of wisdom holds the mind?

What is the practice of a Siddha?

The Word

Is the true sustenance.

The Truth

Is the true regulator of breath.

Imbued in the Word,

Intoxicated with Truth,

Divine Nectar flows,

The soul settles in peace.

When Word

Holds the mind,

Pain and pleasure become alike.

But rare is one

Who realizes this.

When there was no life,

Where did the mind and breath reside?

In the Silence.

In the Stillness.

Everyone, everything

Is part of that Silence.

How did the world form?

How is pain ended?

How does one merge in Truth?

Out of ego, came the world.

Forsaking the Word, pain endures.

Without the Word, one wanders.

Reflect on this.

Contemplate the Word

Conquer the ego

Still the mind.

Enshrine Truth.

Overcome the fear of Death

Become Truth-Oriented.

Nanak prays:

O Infinite One -

You are the state.

You are the extent.

You are in the hidden.

You are in the revealed.

The seekers seek.

The disciples beg.

Throughout the ages,

It is Your Play.

Old 11-Jan-2008
Da Tiwana
Re: The Sidh Gosht- Dialogue With The Sages

bohat hi sohni post janaab
thanks a heaps for sharin it here with all of us.............
keep on the good work

Old 11-Jan-2008
Re: The Sidh Gosht- Dialogue With The Sages

Daman, i really liked this question and answers conversation of Guru Nanak Dev ji.

And really,i feel, these are still relevant in today's world. Many of us put up such questions, and this is one of the proof, that you will gett all the answers u are looking for in guru Granth Sahib ji.

Old 11-Jan-2008
Re: The Sidh Gosht- Dialogue With The Sages

bot soni post veere.. awesome one..

Old 25-Jul-2012
♥ (ਛੱਲਾ) ♥
Re: The Sidh Gosht- Dialogue With The Sages


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