The Effect of Punjabi Music on the Caste System & Religion

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Old 22-May-2011
The Effect of Punjabi Music on the Caste System & Religion

(written by reallycool0)

Before Punjabi Music (specifically Bhangra music) went mainstream in the UK via BBC Radio and before the rise of legendary singers such as Surjit Bindrakhia and Gurdas Maan, there was Kuldeep Manak.

During the 1970s and early 1980s, the term 'Jatt' was used by Kuldeep Manak simply to glorify the character's greatness.

Nowadays, many singers, such as Surinder Shinda, are using the term 'Jatt' as a way of expressing the greatness of one's caste/race rather than simple glorification.

This expression of greatness through songs is what causes several problems all across the world amongst the Punjabi community. Guys and girls that're non-Jatts are slaughtered when one or the other asks for a hand in marriage.

Some people say 'Jatt' is not a caste. If you believe 'Jatt' is not a caste but rather a race and you can't marry off your daughter/son to a non-Jatt, then you are being racist.

In addition, the repetitive usage of the term 'Jatt' is what causes non-Jatts to feel left out, resulting in them calling themselves Jatts, which creates even further problems. It even gives rise to such ridicule songs such as 'Putt Chamaran De'.

Think about it for a second. From Miss Pooja (India) to Sukshinder Shinda (UK), all of these artists have used the term 'Jatt' most likely just to make money and they have succeeded.

Why? How is it that you can make money with the term 'Jatt'?

Because the term 'Jatt' is so popular now, it has provoked other singers to bangwagon and create songs based on caste/race.

Why not use the term 'Sher' instead? - Putt sheran de ballonde bakre.

It sounds weird when you hear that now only because the term 'Jatt' has become attuned to our ears in Punjabi music.

At the end of the day, we are all Punjabi. Back in the day, everyone did have their own jobs which led to the rise of the caste system, but now times have gone bad. People even call it the 'Kalyug'.

Even Guru Nanak Dev Ji was against the caste system so if you are a Sikh or consider yourself a Sikh, then your caste/race should not matter.

Take a second and think about it. We eat the same food. We dance the same dance. We go to the same temple. We speak the same language.

If we continue priding on a caste rather than priding over being Punjabi, problems will continue and more people will die.

As a Saini myself, which by the way shouldn't matter, I am proud to call myself Punjabi.

I highly urge you all to listen to listen to this song.


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