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Old 07-Jan-2013
Yaar Punjabi


HOW many of us know about this story of LOVE and DEDICATION?

Today we commemorate the Shaheedi of Bhai Satwant Singh Ji....who was hanged on today's date for killing Indira Gandhi - who had ordered the storming of Shiri Akaal Thakat Sahib and 40 other historical Gurdwara simultaneously in June 1984.

Bhai Satwant Singh Ji was engaged to Bibi Surinder Kaur ji.....

As we ALL know... Bhai saab assassinated Indra Gandhi...hence they were arrested and put into jail...

The rules of the jail ONLY allowed certain members of the family to visit for example parents and spouse- no other relative was allowed...

as a result of this Bibi Surinder Kaur was NOT allowed to visit her husband to be, inside Jail....

Bibi ji pleaded with the authorities to let her see Bhai Satwant Singh Ji just ONCE before Bhai Saab is hanged......Bibi ji rallied support form ALL Sikh organisations/jathebandiya so they could grant her this ONE wish...but to no avail...the EVIL regime would not allow Bibi Surinder Kaur meet with her fiance....

BOTH families tried their best to convince Bibi Surinder Kaur Ji....that she could marry one of Bhai Satwant Singh Ji's bothers...as Bhai Satwant Singh will be hanged....

..but Bibi Surinder Kaur refused and said...

“A woman only ever loves one man. I have already accepted Satwant Singh as my beloved husband. He is my husband, and I am his wife. That is how it shall remain. The brother of Satwant Singh, will be my brother.”

Bibi Surinder Kaur ji then gave a suggestion that she will MARRY the photo of Bhai Satwant Singh Ji.....

Bibi Surinder Kaur`s father, Sardar Virsa Singh said, “Daughter, if you do not change your decision to marry the photo of Satwant Singh, then I will commit suicide by taking poison!”

Bibi Surinder Kaur replied,

“Dear Father ji, Gurbani states, 'Marran Lekiaee Mandal Mae Ayee' so every person has their death written by Akaal Purakh Waheguru before they are born on this earth. Waheguru has already written your last breath and in the same way the decision of my marriage to Satwant Singh cannot change either. If it is written that he is going to die by hanging then that will happen also. I am ready to face whatever comes my way in the future. Until my last breath, I will never let any stain come on respect due to the dastar of Satwant Singh, your dastar, father, and the dastar of my father-in-law.”

Due to the fact that Bibi Surinder Kaur ji would not change her mind to marry the photo of Bhai Satwant Singh ji, both families decided to take her to the Jathedar Sahib off Akaal Thakat Sahib, so he could convince her.

Jathdar Saab said to her, “Bibi, do not rush to make such a big decision. There is no hope that the authorities will not give Bhai Satwant Singh Ji a sentence of hanging. So do not make such a big life decision, without thinking it through…”

Bibi Surinder Kaur ji replied, “Singh Sahib ji, you are right. The authorities will give Bhai Satwant Singh ji the hangman's noose. Both our families had decided to marry me and Satwant Singh. Due to Bhai Satwant Singh not not getting vacation time off, the wedding was delayed at the last moment. However, if Bhai Satwant Singh ji had killed Indira Gandhi after our marriage, then he would have been sentenced to hanging as well. I, as Bhai Satwant Singhs wife would have had to see every hard time in the future. My husband, Bhai Satwant Singh ji completed a great and brave task! The integrity of the Sikh Nation, its dastar, was ripped off by Indira Gandhi and she stamped on it with her feet in June 1984. My husband took the dastar of the Sikh Nation and replaced it on its head. Even in my worst dreams, I could never turn my back on such a great man. It can never happen! I have accepted Bhai Satwant Singh ji as my husband. I will never let a stain come on his Dastar. I will spend my whole life as the widow of Bhai Satwant Singh Ji!”

Akaal Takhat Jathedar, Singh Saab Jasvir Singh Rode, said to both fathers of Bhai Satwant Singh Ji and Bibi Surinder Kaur Ji, that, due her strength of will, she should be allowed to marry the photo of Bhai Satwant Singh ji, in the presence of Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji.

According to the hukam of Singh Sahib, on the 2nd May 1988, Bhai Satwant Singh ji's father, Bapu Tarlok Singh ji, his mother, his elder brother and his wife, left their house with a picture of Bhai Satwant Singh ji and went to the house of Sardar Virsa Singh.

In the presence of Sahib Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji, Bibi Surinder Kaur ji married the photo of Bhai Satwant Singh Ji. In the afternoon, the Doli of Bibi Surinder Kaur ji left the residence of Sardar Virsa Singh for the house of Bhai Satwant Singh ji.

Now that the marriage had taken place...Bibi Ji went ONCE again to the jail that housed Bhai Satwant Singh Ji....and requested to the Govnor that she be allowed to see her husband who is on Death row.........

...... sadly the EVIL heartless regime of the rime refused Bibi Surinder Kaur Ji's request....and Bibi Surnider Kaur ji was sent back....

...Bibi Surinder Kaur Ji NEVER did get to see Bhai Satwant Singh Ji again...

Bibi Surinder Kaur ji returned home to her in-laws where she lived as the widow of Bhai Satwant Singh Ji......

Bibi Surinder Kaur ji died of cancer a few years back....BUT we KNOW with a 100% CONVICTION that Akaal Purkh would have brought these two AMAZING souls together again!!!

Dhan Dhan Bhai Satwant Singh Ji....
Dhan Dhan Bibi Surinder Kaur Ji!!!

Parnaam Shaheeda Nu!!

Old 07-Jan-2013
Royal Singh

I know its copy & paste that's why there are few spelling mistakes. Anyways, its not a story, I think this is the fact about Bhai Satwant Ji when he got arrested in 1984.

Thanks for sharing, please post more like these in future too.

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