Sikh Guru's and Moghal Emperors part 2

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Old 11-May-2010
Exclamation Sikh Guru's and Moghal Emperors part 2

The Emperor Akbar had great reverence for the House of Guru Nanak. He honoured saints of all religions and paid his homage while touring his empire. Guru AmarDas Jiís fame had also reached his ears and Akbar went to visit Guru Ji in Gowindwal in 1567. He got of his horse and walked a distance in reverence for the Guru. Seeing the spiritual and non-sectarian atmosphere of Guru Sahib Jiís sanctuary, Akbar was greatly impressed. On being informed that no one, high or low could gain an audience with the Guru without first partaking food in the langar , Akbar welcomed the idea and sitting in a row with all other common folk he ate langar. Akbar was profoundly impressed by this unique institution where all men, irrespective of caste or religion sat one on level and ate food.

When Akbar came into the presence of the Guru, he was much moved by the sanctity and simplicity of Guru Sahibís darbar and humbly offered a gift of twenty two revenue- free villages to the House of Guru Nanak. Guru AmarDas Ji respectfully declined saying that the expenses of the langar were met by the daily offerings made by the devotees. He said the the Almighty had given the House of Nanak everything that was needed. But the Emperor persisted that he humbly wanted to make this offering, so he bestowed the jagir (tract of land) on to Guru Sahib Jiís daughter, Bibi Bhani Ji.

Akbar came to Gowindwal on November 24, 1598 to pay his respects to the then Guru, Guru Arjan Dev Ji, he died a few years later in 1605. On his throne sat Emperor Jahangir. Where as Akbar was liberal in his out look and gave due respect to the teachings of all religions, Jahangir was a fanatic and would not tolerate the spread of any other religion in his land. He looked upon Guru Arjan Dev Ji and his Sikhs with hostility and wanted to suppress their mission. He was particularly displeased with some Muslims who had joined the fold.

Old 12-May-2010
Parkash Singh Badal
Re: Sikh Guru's and Moghal Emperors part 2

sahi keha g

Old 12-May-2010
Re: Sikh Guru's and Moghal Emperors part 2

Aa gaya wapis Punjab ch? Bibi Surinder Badal urf Bibi Bhani award winner de ki haal ne?

Dekh lo Badal Sa'ab Bibi ji da te ilaaj amrika jake ho jana par jehri aa cancer train bathinde to rajasthan nu chaldi ohna da v kuch bhala karo

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