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Old 29-Dec-2008
Shaeedi-- Chotte SahibZadey

Shottiya Jinda te bade Saake

This week was remembered as the Martyrdom of two youngest sons of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Baba Fateh Singh and Baba Zorawar Singh.

After leaving the fort of Anandpur Sahib and separated from the Guru Gobind Singh, Mata Gujri and his two sons started themselves in the jungle. There they met Gangu Pandit, used to ba Langri (chef) in Guru Ji's Kitchen. Gangu asked them to stay in his hut and then traitor Gangu informed Mughal soldiers.
Mughals arresetd Mata Gurji and Both Sahibzadey. They were kept in a cold tower during the coldest month of December. Mata Gujri narrated them the heroic stories of their father (Guru Gobind Singh), Grand Father (Guru Tegh Bahadur) and Great Great Grandfather (Guru Hargobind and Guru Arjun Dev ji).
The nawab of Sirhind Vajir Khan gave the option of converting to Islam to save their lifes. Both of these Great Martyrs rejected and with ful pride told that they will not accept any other religion then the one started by Nanak and his followers. Vajir Khan tried to lure them but they were strong in their faith and never moved.
Then the minsiter of Vajir Khan, Diwan Suchanand asked Vajir Khan to punish both of them. He told "sapp de putt mitt nahi hunde", sons of snake can never be friends.

Nawab of Malerkotla, Sher Khan opposed to this but in Vain. Finally, a fatwa was issued to bury them alive in the walls. When wall reached till there shoulders, it felt down. They beheaded both the Sahibzadas and thats how these two younger sons (7 yr and 5 yr) of Guru Gobind Singh sacrificed their lives but stood for their religion and principles.

Diwan todarmal was very upset with all this. He brought the land from Vajir Khan and did Antim Sanskar (Cremation) of the bodies of Sahibzadey.

The land was bought by putting Gold Coins in standing position over the full area of land. I guess this land deal should be the costliest of all in the whole world.

Bhul Chuk Galti di Khima mangda.

Old 29-Dec-2008
Re: Shaeedi-- Chotte SahibZadey

malerkotle de nawab da haan da naara yaad rehjuga te todar mall da mohraan khariyaan rakh k thaan kharidnaa v yaad rehjuga

Old 29-Dec-2008
Re: Shaeedi-- Chotte SahibZadey

tfs 22 ji.............

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