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Old 17-May-2011
bapu da laadla
Proud to a sikh


Becoz Sikhs.....

90% of Sacrifices During Indepence
Je Kaale Pani Jail which Azaadi layi jine gaye 100 ch 90 Sardar C
Je Fasiya Te Chade Tan 100 Ch 90 SARDAR C
Je TOppa Age Khade TAn 100 Cho 90 SARDAR c
Jado AZADi Waste Wardiya GOliya AGge BHaarat DA jahnda leke K KhAdna C Tan
Ehna Sab Kuch SIkh Kar Sakke Kouki GUru GObind SIngh JI nr SIkhan Nu Iss Desh De SARDAR Banaiya . SARDAR means Head Of This Nation . Te SANu SHAsdhari Banayia . Tanhi Te Tirange Jhande Kesri Rang SAB TOn utte Hai .Te ikliya SIkha nu eh SAB kuch iss LAyi Karna Piya KOuki Iss Desh Lok Ram da Naam Te JAroor Lende NE But Ohna warge ban Na SAKe Ohna WAngu Apni Izzat-Paat Di Rakhi layi . Shastardhari Hoke Yudh Na KAr SAkke.

33% Of TOtal Income Tax
67% TOtal ChaRity FUnds
45% Of Indian ARmy
59,000 GUrdwara Serve Langar TO Approximetly 5,900,000 people everyday

Old 18-May-2011
Rowdy Roddy Piper
Re: Proud to a sikh

Hi, I seriously doubt your statement, 33% of income tax by sikh population? provided punjab is abode to 3/4 of sikh population in whole india, which is an agricultural economy(no tax paying sector) . Plus its very unlikely to me that 2% population pays 33% of indian income tax? please show legit sources..?

Langar to 5,900,000 people daily? u serious .. this is 0.5% population of india. So every 1 in 200 indians have a free meal at gurudwara daily?

not sure, about anything u posted above ^ so bring sources.

Old 18-May-2011
Re: Proud to a sikh

Proud to be Sikh coz we conquered moguls (rulers of India) at Lahore Darbar and Delhi darbar.
Proud to be Sikh coz we are the only Indian subcontinental race to rule on Khyber pass (Afghanistan).
Proud to be Sikh coz our Gurus not only worked for betterment of humanity, but sacrificed their lives for other religions.
Proud to be Sikh because Sikh Gurdwaras all around the world are still running free kitchen irrespective of beneficaries caste, race, culture, religion etc.
Proud to be Sikh coz Sikhi nahi shadi chae shotte shotte Sahibzadey neeha ch chin ditte gaye, ya fer Veera ne khopar luha laye, band band kata laye, charkhariya te chardaye gaye, garam tavi te baith v thande rahe, bacheya de tote kar galla ch haar puva laye. Gal ch tyre paa jeyonde saar te par Sikhi aj v kayam aa......so proud of that.

More importantly, I m proud to be Sikh coz I am the son of Guru Gobind Singh and a small reflection of him.

"In putran ke sis per var diye sut char, char muye to kya hua jeevat kai hazar" --- Guru Gobind Singh
"Khalsa mero roop hai khas, Khalse mein main karu Niwas.
Jab lag khalsa rahe niyara, tab lag tej deyo main sara"..... Guru Gobind Singh
"Rehni rahe so hi Sikh mera, wo sahib main uska chera".... Guru Gobind Singh

enna pyar kardo hove mera Guru ke mainu apna putt bana lave, mera Pitah bann meri rakhya lai apna appa kurban kar je fer ess to jaade mainu ki chaida proud feel karan lai.

Old 18-May-2011
bapu da laadla
Re: Proud to a sikh

enna pyar kardo hove mera Guru ke mainu apna putt bana lave, mera Pitah bann meri rakhya lai apna appa kurban kar je fer ess to jaade mainu ki chaida proud feel karan lai
hanji bhaji

Old 27-May-2011
Re: Proud to a sikh

bahut wadiya ....
mainu mann hain sikh honte

Old 10-Mar-2012
Re: Proud to a sikh

I am not sure about the tax, but langar or free food fact could be accepted as we see the number of people eating in golden temple is ~80K on weekdays and goes to ~150K on weekends. In order to reach to 5,900,000 one need around 74 golden temples. I think it quite possible, acceptable fact. I even believe the fact that this figure is easily surpassed. on the holy days of sikhs every Gurudwara have free langars throughout the day, huge number of people eats langar on those days. I have seen arrangements for 50K people even in normal cities. 5.9 million is not big deal.

Old 12-Jun-2016
Re: Proud to a sikh

Yes, there are langars, but who goes in langars??
How many Hindu, Muslim ,Christians??
Answer is mostly Sikhs..

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