Nanakshahi Calendar: Was it Made To Unite/divide

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Old 20-Jan-2010
Und3rgr0und J4tt1
Question Nanakshahi Calendar: Was it Made To Unite/divide

Nanakshahi Calendar: Was it Made To Unite or Divide Sikhs

Some people have created a stormy situation among Sikhs because of Nanakshahi Calender. Calender is an important landmark of a community that highlights important religious days, festivals, historical happenings and traditional heritage .But a calender in which dates do not match historical occasions will turn history into mythology. That was what present Nanakshahi calender was doing.
This is particularly applicable to Sikhs who rightfully claim to have historical proofs of events in comparison to other religions.
The fact is that makers of this calender have distorted and misrepresented Gurbani, Sikh history and principles. .
  1. Bhai Gurdas ji writes ” Gurbani tina Gursikhan bhaiye bhagat Gurupurab karande”. it proves that Sikh sangat had been celebrating days connected with their Guru sahibans since Guru period . In light of this who gave authority to these persons to change the dates of Gurupurabs of Guru sahibans. By altering the real dates with self created dates they distorted Sikh history.
  2. Can these academics tell us about dates incorporated by them and from which historical scriptures these have been taken. We are sad to state that because of this faulty calender ardas of three to four Gurupurabs were being done from Harmandir sahib on the same day.Can these historians tell us if this really happened in Sikh history earlier.The fact is that four academics associated with this calender namely Dr Kirpal singh, Dr Balwant Singh, Dr Kharak Singh and Surjit Singh Gandhi wrote a book for SGPC ” History of the Sikhs and their religion”.In that book they themselves wrote dates that match with history and do not appear in their calender, That shows that they want to malign Sikh history by making a faulty calender.
  3. The calender they made was neither based on Gurbani nor on principles of Sikhism. This was devoid of historical facts.
  4. Those who are misleading Sikh sangat in name of Bikrami will they label our beloved Gurus also as wrong since their writings are written with reference to Bikrami samvat. Some examples are Given below:
    • Guru Nanak sahib writes in SGGS ji ” Awan athatre jaan satanve hor bhi uthsi marad ka chela” Will they diown this reference from SGGS as it is in bikrami samvat.
    • Barah Mahan is with reference to Bikrami samvat. Shall we discard that?
    • Shall we discard such writings from gurbani?
From sixth master to tenth master and after that Mata Sunder Kaur ji and Mata Sahib Kaur ji have sent Hukamnamas to their sangat in Bikrami Samvat. Shall we disown those now?
On doors of Sachkhand Harmandir sahib, Goindwal sahib the dates are in Bikrami samvat. Do they want us to remove those?
We have some surprising facts about this calender. In actuality Nanakshahi calender was based on Hindu calender that was known as Saka calender. Saka calender was old Hindu religious calender. This was modified by Govt of India in 1959 and adopted as Indian civil calender. Nanakshahi Calender is carbon copy of that calender.This has been confirmed by its makers in preface of Nanakshahi calender. Pal Singh Purewal has written this in his book “Jantri 500 years”. Sikh sangat should decide if Purewal is making a Hindu calender or some one else?
On the contrary , Bikrami Samvat calender was of Iranian origin and adapted by militant tribes of Punjab who made their mark in world history by putting a strong resistance against Alexander the great. They adopted it in 57 BC. This was known as Malva calender. History states that its name was changed to Bikrami calender in 858 AD. History also states that Raja Bikramidittaya was a mythological figure only. Bikrami calender is followed both Indian and Pakistan Punjabs.

Old 20-Jan-2010
Mandeep Kaur Guraya
Re: Nanakshahi Calendar: Was it Made To Unite/divi

You are right... SGPK da farz c sikh dharam nu utaaan chukna... par eh te din prati din pathha bithayee jande ne...SGPK nu khatam karke... koi hor hall kadna chahida hai.. kyun ki ehna nu tan apne politicions ton hi vehal ni mildi...dharam vall ki dhayan den ....

Old 20-Jan-2010
Und3rgr0und J4tt1
Re: Nanakshahi Calendar: Was it Made To Unite/divi

aaj kal rajneeti chalde har passse!

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