Must read why i am a sikh...

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Old 23-Jun-2012
Must read why i am a sikh...

Bibi harwinder kaur khalsa Jee told the Sangat that the Sikhs are so blessed to be given such a wonderful religion, such an amazing Rehat (code of conduct) and practical message that Sikhs have not done enough to share it with others. She urged all the Sangat to wear Kachhere and experience the spiritual and health benefits of it.

She then went on to explain why she wears Baanaa (traditional Sikh attire). She said that when she saw her husband for the first time, she saw Guru Gobind Singh jee's image in him. She said that her other white Sikh friends would not marry a man that didn't wear full Baanaa all the time because the Baanaa represents total submission, devotion and acceptance of the Guru. She explained how she couldn't understand why someone would want to cut their beard or shave their hair and lose their beauty. The physical appearance and clothes of an individual manifests their personality and inner self and therefore an individual wearing Baanaa shows that her or she loves the Guru.

She told the Sangat that she wears her Baanaa in full pride and that all Sikhs should wear Baanaa with pride and dignity and not shy away from it. Whilst describing the Baanaa, she explained the significance of the Kesh and Keski/Dastaar (turban). It was very uplifting to hear Bibi jee telling all the ladies in the Sangat that as Sikh women they should have their hair knot (jooraa) on the top of their head and it should be covered with a Dastaar. She described the spiritual, health and mental benefits of wearing a Dastaar and having one's jooraa on the top of the head. The way she described it was really positively received by the whole Sangat. She also told the ladies that they should ensure their husbands or children do not cut their beards. If a man is moody, irritable or has headaches, then a woman should check whether her son or husband has abused their Kesh by dyeing it, cutting it or trimming it. She said cutting Kesh is "a big no!" and that women must ensure it never happens in their house. She went further on to explain the importance of lady's hair and why women shouldn't shave, trim or colour their hair

Old 23-Jun-2012
Re: Must read why i am a sikh...

Bhaout Wadiya Nice sharin Veer !!!!!

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