Mool Mantra- This is the beginning of "Jap Ji",

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Old 05-Feb-2011
Mool Mantra- This is the beginning of "Jap Ji",

Mool Mantra: This is the beginning of "Jap Ji", the morning pryer written by Guru Nanak, the first of the ten Sikh Gurus.
guru ji lived from 1469-1538.
The "Mool Mantra" (also called "Root Mantra" ) describes the ultimate personality and consciousness of an englightened being. It contains the mastery of all the inner secrets and balances all the chakras (energy centers) of the body.
EK ONG KAR There ist One Creator (also, you are the one creature of the One Creator. All the attributes of the One in this chant are also your attributes).
SAT NAAM Truth is its name.
KARTAA PURKH Creative personality.
NIRBHO NIRVER Without fear, without anger.
AKAAL MURAT Of undying form.
AJUUNI Unborn.
SE BHANG Self-illumined.
GURU PRASAD By the grace of the Guru.
JAP Meditate.
AAD SACH True in the beginning.
JUGAAD SACH True through the ages.
NAANAK HO SI BHIE SACH Nanak, it shall ever be true.

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