Indian Government’s involvement in Air India Bombing?

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Yaar Punjabi
Indian Government’s involvement in Air India Bombing?

Indian Government’s involvement in Air India Bombing?

Canadian Intelligence Analysts Confirm Evidence of Involvement of Indian Government Officials in Kanishka Bombings


OTTAWA, Canada (June 25, 2012)–In the 27 years since the Air India bombing, the Canadian Sikh community has been put under a microscope by the media who have effectively molded the Sikh community’s image into that of terrorists and extremists. However, there has always been evidence pointing to the Indian government’s involvement in the bombing of a plane belonging to their own national airline.
In 1989, Zuhair Kashmeri & Brian McAndrew published “Soft Target,” a book detailing efforts by the Indian government to infiltrate and discredit the Khalistani movement in Canada, including evidence of involvement with the Air India bombing. The book was banned by the Indian government.
David Kilgour, a former Canadian MP also published a book “Betrayal” with the following encounter:
“As Paszkowski was returning to his hotel, his mind was full of what he had just heard. He was to blow up a plane and cause people to die. He started to pull all the threads together. He remembered Maduck stressing the government of Canada’s troubles with its Sikh community and that it would be useful to discredit Canadian Sikhs generally. The Air India catastrophe off Ireland, which had killed more than 300 passengers, mostly Canadians, had occurred the previous year. Would this simultaneously do a large favour for the government of India and subdue the Canadian Sikh community as the prime suspects in the Air India crash? It seemed very clear that high-ranking people in these countries and probably others were involved.
The governments of Canada, India, and Italy, or perhaps rogue branches of each, acting in concert, had decided on this preposterous mission and recruited agents like himself to help carry it out. There was no concern for human life; only political objectives mattered. There were two Sikhs in the group, but who knew their real identity or from which side they really came? There were many other unknown factors to know about the mission, but Paszkowski was certain he wanted none of it.”
This past weekend, the Ottawa Citizen, published the following story with quotes from Canadian intelligence officials:
CSIS and the RCMP knew trouble was brewing among Sikhs in the Vancouver area, says Lavigne, and they had telephone intercepts from Indian diplomats living in Ottawa that proved the Indian government had successfully infiltrated the Sikh community.
“To those who would say that the possibility of Indian government officials being involved in Air India is ridiculous, I would say simply that the Service (CSIS) did possess evidence of that very thing. At the time, in 1984-85, External Affairs were very keen on encouraging commerce between Canada and India, so nothing could interfere with those efforts. However, because the Major Commission was prohibited from investigating possible Indian involvement, there is no mention of this in the final report.”
Security and intelligence expert Michel Juneau-Katsuya, who worked with Lavigne on the investigation, confirms that CSIS knew that Indian diplomats had infiltrated Sikh radicals, and might have been frustrated at the federal government’s reluctance to accept Canada was harbouring such a potentially violent enemy.
“But did they cross the line, provoke an incident to get Canada’s cooperation?” he says. “We don’t know.”
Canadian Sikhs deserve answers to why the Canadian government has been so hesitant to investigate the extent of the Indian government’s involvement in the Air India bombing.

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