Importance & Preperation of Amrit

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Old 07-Feb-2009
Smile Importance & Preperation of Amrit

Importance of Amrit

Amrit is the top institution of the Sikh faith. It is “Abae-Hayat” the water bestowing eternal life – eternity and immortality.
They become immortal by drinking Amrit of the Lord (Naam-Jaap), and vices lure them no more. 5-81-1
"ਅਮ੍ਰਿਤ ਹਰਿ ਪੀਵਤੇ ਸਦਾ ਥਿਰੁ ਥੀਵਤੇ ਬਿਖੈ ਬਨੁ ਫੀਕਾ ਜਾਨਿਆ" || ੫-੮੧-੧
Amrit has spiritual as well as, physical aspects. Spiritually speaking, Amrit is the Name of God and its recitation. Physically, it is a special drink, meant for the spiritual growth. The aim o recitation of the Name of God and of taking Amrit, is the same. Amrit is meant to put a fellow to Gurbani and Naam- Jaap (reading Scriptures and reciting His Name) – the path leading to God.
Taking “Amrit” is the cherished desire common both to the Guru and his Sikh. The Guru desires the disciple to take it, and one fully oriented to the faith, becomes keen to do so. Taking Amrit is the Sikh way of getting inducted into this faith. Drinking Amrit is a vow to live an elevated life and to do Naam-Jaap – recite God’s name.

Preparation of Amrit

The Khalsa
It is prepared by the five faithful (Panj Piarae – five beloved of the Guru – those who have taken Amrit). After Ardas (Invocation) sugar cakes (Patasae) are put in an iron bowl, and are dissolved in the water taken preferably from a river or well. Water-taps used to have washers made of hide from cows, and it was generally not acceptable. Now no more hides and plastics are in the forefront.
All the five Amritdhari Gurmukh (God oriented persons who have taken Amrit) place their hands on the edge of the Bata (Bowl) and focus on the tip of the Khanda, double edged sword, dipped in sweetened water. With full concentration, these five Sikhs, turn by turn recite the specific – prescribed, five Gurbanis (Scriptures), and work Khanda to and fro. When recitation of five Gurbani is complete, Amrit is ready. Ardas – supplication is said, and Amrit is administrated to the devotees.
Amrit is given to drink to the person gathered to get inducted into the Sikh faith. They pledge to live a high ethical life according to the Reht (Edicts – dictates) of the Guru prescribed at that time.

Old 07-Feb-2009
Re: Importance & Prepration of Amrit


Old 09-Feb-2009
Re: Importance & Prepration of Amrit

Thanks for the thread bro per jerdi pic laayi aa oho theek ni haigi..... Thuanu pata Panj Pyariya ch Sirf BAnde hunde aa Bibiyan ni hundiya.. only these whites sikhs have included women without knowing and understanding our history!!

Old 09-Feb-2009
Re: Importance & Prepration of Amrit

Men and women are always treated equally in sikhism, that's why they both are allowed to take Amrit.
The only reason Panj Pyaras are always men is due to our history. Original panj pyaras were all men. When Guru Gobind Singh asked for five heads, he never said five men heads but all five were men so came the name Panj Pyara.

Guru got baptised from panj pyara so anyone who likes to get baptise do it the Guru Way.

Women has also shown some extraordinary courage in Sikhism, much respect goes to Bebe Nanaki, Mata Khivi Ji, Mata Gujri Ji, Khalse di Mata Sahib Kaur, and other Khalsa women like Bibi Satwant Kaur, Bibi Ranjeet Kaur, Bibi Prem Kaur and many others.

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